"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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Timothy Dean Restaurant and Bar
16th and 'K' St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Chef/Owner Timothy Dean

Lindsey Gustin and Timothy Dean

Timothy's Caesar Salad with Garlic
Croutons and Parmsesan Tuile

Ingredients for the Tuile:
1)   2 parts Parmesan Cheese
2)   1 part Flour
3)   1 tbs. Olive Oil

Preparation for the Tuile:
1)   Toss together the parmesan and flour to cover
       the bottom of an 8" non-stick omelet pan.
2)   Heat the pan on high, add the olive oil, and
       put in the parmesan-flour mixture.
3)   Let cook about 2-3 minutes, or until brown.
4)   Gently lift out of the skillet and drape over
       the side of an empty wine or liquor bottle
       until the tuile sets and hardens.

Ingredients for the Salad:
1)   Combination of baby Red and Green Romaine
2)   Garlic Croutons
3)   Fresh Parmesan Cheese

Preparation for the Salad:
1)   Toss the lettuces in a large bowl.
2)   Add the Croutons and Cheese.

Ingredients for the Salad Dressing:
(For 10)
1)   5 Egg Yolks
2)   2 tbs. chopped Shallot
3)   3 oz. Red Wine Vinegar
4)   3 tbs. Anchovy Paste
5)   2 oz. White Wine Vinegar
6)   1/4 cup Parmesan-Reggiano
7)   1 tbs. minced Garlic
8)   Dash of Tabasco Sauce
9)   Dash of Worcheshire Sauce
10) 2 cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil
11) 2 tbs. Lemon or Lime Juice

Preparation for the Salad Dressing:
1)   Blend the egg yolks, red wine vinegar and
       white wine vinegar in a food processor or
2)   Add the next five ingredients.
3)   With the processor running, add the 2 cups
       of olive oil to emulsify.
4)   Add 2 tbs. of lemon or lime juice.
5)   Dress the salad with the dressing.

Final Preparation
1)   Set the tuile on a plate.
2)   Place the salad gently in the "cup" of the
3)   Serve!

Sauteed Maryland Soft Shell Crab
with Savoy Cabbage, Vidalia Onion
and Oven-Dried Prosciutto
(serves 4)

1)   4 Soft Shell Crabs, cleaned
2)   1/2 head Savoy Cabbage, julienned
3)   1 oz. prosciutto, diced
4)   2 oz. Vidalia Onion, diced
5)   6 oz. Chicken Stock
6)   5 Garlic Cloves
7)   8 oz. Butter
8)   1/4 cup Flour
9)   2-3 tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1)   Clean or purchase cleaned, 4 Maryland soft
       shell crabs.  Refrigerate.
2)   Julienne savoy cabbage into thin strips.  Bring
       a pot of salt water to a boil and blance cabbage
       for 4 minutes.  Strain and shock in a bath of
       ice water to stop cooking.  Place cooked
       cabbage on a towel to dry. Set aside.
3)   Bring chicken stock to a boil.  Add diced onion
       and diced prosciutto to the boiling stock.  Let
       reduce 20 minutes.  Set aside.
4)   Put the garlic cloves in a small saute pan and
       add enough olive oil to cover the cloves.  Turn
       on the heat and roast until the garlic cloves
       turn brown, approximately 12 minutes.
       Remove garlic cloves from the oil.  Place the
       garlic cloves in a food processor, add the butter
       and process until smooth.  Set aside.
5)   Remove soft shell crabs from the refrigerator.
       Dush with flour.  Heat a pan and saute crabs
       in 2-3 tbs. extra virgin olive oil.  Saute until the
       shell turns red, about 4 minutes.  Turn the crab
       over and continue cooking another 2 minutes.
       Remove from heat and place on a napkin.
6)   Heat the cabbage and ham and onion ragout
       together for 3 minutes or until the mixture is
       boiling.  Remove from heat and put on a plate.
       Place the cooked soft shell crab on top.  Heat
       the garlic butter to a nape consistency.  Artfully
       drizzle around the plate.  Serve hot.

Wood Grilled Four Story Hill
Veal Chop with
Fingerling Gnocchi and Veal Jus
(serves 4)

1)   Four 12-oz. Veal Chops
2)   Two Idaho Potatoes
3)   pinch of Salt and freshly ground Pepper
4)   1 Egg
5)   2 cups Flour
6)   2 cups Chicken Stock or Veal Jus
7)   2 Portobello Mushrooms
8)   2-3 tbs. Olive Oil

1)   Gnocchi: Boil two potatoes for 20 minutes.
       Remove, cool and peel.  Grate and add salt
       and pepper to taste, one egg and two cups
       of flour.  Work until it becomes a dough.
       Shape into 1/4" rounds or ovals.  In a
       saucepan, heat salted water.  When it comes
       to a rolling boil, drop in the gnocchi.  As
       soon as the gnocchi float, remove from the
       water.  Drain and place in a bath of ice
       water to stop the cooking process.  Remove
       to a dry towel.
2)   Portobello: Turn upside down and remove
       stems.  Dredge in olive oil.  Season with salt
       and pepper.  Roast at 350 degrees for 20
       minutes.  Remove and cool.  Julienne into
       long strips and set aside.
3)   Veal Chop: Season with salt and pepper.
       Grill over medium heat for ten minutes.
       Turn and continue grilling for ten minutes
       more.  The chop should be done to the
       medium stage.  Let the meat rest.
4)   Place the stock in a saucepan and bring to a
       boil.  Add the julienned portobello mushrooms.
       Add the gnocchi.  Ladle sauce on a plate with
       portobello and gnocchi artfully arranged.
       Rest the veal chop on top.  Serve hot.

Ingredients for a Veal Jus:
1)   2 cups Chicken Stock - reduce by 1/3.
2)   Equal parts Flour and Butter - to
       thicken to your preference
3)   Fresh Rosemary and Thyme - to season.
4)   Minced Garlic and chopped Shallot.

Good Eating!!!