"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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Joel Olson

Lindsey Gustin and Joel Olson

Flavored Oils

1) 1 Orange Zest
2) 1 Shallot - Diced
3) 1/2 of a  diced Jalepeno Pepper - Seeded
4) 1 Bay Leaf
5) 1 tsp. Thyme
6) 1 cup of Canola Oil

Cooking Instructions:
1) Put oil in pan with the rest of the ingredients
     and simmer.
2) Strain oil through a coffee filter or a cheese
3) Pour into a decorative bottle.

Honey Roasted Pecans
1) 3 tbs. Honey
2) 1 tbs. Sugar
3) 1 tbs. butter
4) 1/4 tsp. Vanilla
5) Shelled Pecan Halves

Cooking Instructions:
1) Put the first four ingredients in a pan.
2) Melt the ingredients and bring to a boil.
3) Add pecans.
4) Spread the mixture on a cooking sheet
     and bake at 350 deg f. for 4 minutes.

White Chocolate Crunch

1) White Chocolate Squares
2) One cup of toasted Pistachios

Cooking Instructions:
1) Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler.
2) Add the pistachios.
3) Place the mixture on a 'greased with butter'
     baking sheet...spreading them out.
4) Put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
5) When you take them out of the refrigerator,
     break them apart for eating.

Good Eating!!!