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la Madeleine, Tyson's Corner
1915 'C' Chain Bridge Road
McLean, Virginia 22102
Chef Thierry Roboullet

Salmon Provencale

1)  2 pounds of Salmon Filet
2)  1 oz. Green Onions
3)  2 oz. Quartered Mushrooms
4)  1 tsp. Olive oil
5)  3 oz. butter
6)  1 clove Garlic (shaved)
7)  Salt and Pepper
8)  1 oz. Basil (sliced)
9)  1 oz. Pastis

Cooking Procedures:
1)  Place oil and butter into a sauce pan or
      square pan and melt over heat.
2)  Add mushrooms, green onions, and garlic
      ...then saute for five minutes.
3)  Add pastis and reduce for five minutes.
4)  Add salmon and half of basil and cook
      until the salmon is done.
5)  Add salt and pepper to taste and serve
      with beurre blanc or fish sauce.

Saffron Rice

1)  1 small onion
2)  1 clove garlic
3)  1 cup of conventional rice
4)  2 cups water
5)  1/2 cup red pepper
6)  1/2 cup green peas
7)  Pinch saffron thread
8)  Salt and Pepper
9)  Chicken Base (optional)

Cooking procedures:
1)  In a saute pan, saute onions and garlic
      with olive oil.
2)  Add rice and mix well to coat rice with
      oil (1 minute)
3)  Add boiling water, saffron, black pepper
      and salt...and bring to a boil.
4)  Reduce heat to simmer and cover.  Cook
      approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
5)  Add green peas and red peppers.

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