Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen

Show 397

Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mount Vernon Ave.
Alexandria, Virginia

Chef - Gillian Clark

Corn Crusted Scallops with Applejack

1) Scallops
2) Apples
3) Shallots
4) flour
5) eggs
6) Cornmeal
7) Butter

1) Salt and pepper, then coat scallops in flour, dip in beaten
     egg then coat with cornmeal. Set aside.
2) Peel then thinly slice one Granny Smith Apple. Brown apple
     slices in butter, arrange on the plate.
3) Brown scallops in a saute pan and hot oil and butter
     (oil should be hot enough so that butter starts to brown.)
     Brown scallops on both sides.
4) Remove from pan and set aside.
5) Wipe out same hot pan and add tsp. of butter.
6) Add finely chopped shallots, cook until translucent.
7) Add apple brandy, reduce by almost half. Add cider. Then
     add two tablespoons of butter.
8) Season to taste.

Chicken and dried Cranberry Salad

1) Breast of Chicken
2) Flour
3) Dry Cranberries
4) Salad greens
5) Shallots
6) Champagne vinegar
7) olive oil
8) sugar

1)  Soak 4 tbs of finely chopped shallots in 1/2 cup of
      champaign vinegar.
2)  Whisk in 1 1/2 to two cups of oil. Set aside.
3)  Combine one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Bring to
      a boil.
4)  Add 1 cup of dry cranberries. Let stand ten minutes after
      removingfrom heat.
5)  Season a boneless skinless breast of chicken with salt and
      pepper. Dust with flour.
6)  Heat oil in a pan and brown chicken on both sides.
7)  Place in warm oven. Should take another 10 minutes to
      cook thoroughly.
8)  Remove from oven and let rest.
9)  Combine 1 cup of vinaigrette and 1/2 cup of the cranberry
      syrup. Lightly dress saled greens.
10)Place chicken breast and fan on the plate. Top with the
      dressed greens.
11)Ladle a little of the cranberry dressing over chicken pieces.

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