"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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Felicia Ambrose
Certified Chef - Fairfax, Virginia

Key Lime Pie

1) One 9 inch graham cracker pie-crust
2) One 14 oz can sweerened condensed milk
3) 3 egg yolks
4) One tbsp Vanilla
5) 1/2 cup key lime juice

1) Combine condensed milk, vanilla, egg yolks and lime juice.
2) Blend until smooth.
3) Pour filling into pie crust and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
4) Allow to stand for 10 minutes before refrigeration.
5) Just before serving top with whip cream.

Caribbean Pork Chops
(Serves four)

1) 4 loin or rib pork chops
2) 1 large onion sliced
3) dry rub of Jerk Caribbean seasoning
4) 1 or 2 apples peeled and sliced
5) olive oil
6) unsalted butter

1)  Rub chops generously with spice.
2)  Heat pan with a little olive oil and butter.
3)  Brown onions until soft.
4)  Add chops and brown until done.
5)  Put chops and onions on plate.
6)  Add butter and saute apples until tender.
7)  Pour over chops and onions. 

Good Eating!!!