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Embassy of Finland
Washington, DC 20008

Chef de Cuisine Kim H. Palhus

Cured fillet of beef with
chanterelle tartar
(4 servings)

Ingredients for the Cured Beef:
1) 1 lb. beef tenderloin
2) 2 oz. coarse salt
3) 1 oz. sugar
4) 10 crushed juniper berries
5) 10 whole black pepper corns
6) 1/2 fl. oz. Finlandia Vodka
7) 3 crushed bay leaves

Preparation of the Cured Beef:
1) Crunch the pepper corns, juniper berries and bay
     leaves roughly and mix with the salt and sugar.
2) Carefully remove all fat and muscle sheat from the
     fillet. Roll the fillet in the mixture, pressing it
     down gently.
3) Pour the vodka into a stainless steel or porcelain
     dish and add the fillet.
4) Freeze the meat before cutting it into the thinnest
     possible slices.
5) Place slices around chanterelle tartar.

Note: do not use beef that has lot of fat in the meat.

Ingredients for the Chanterelle Tartar:
1) 10 oz. dried chanterelles
2) 15 oz. butter
3) Salt and white pepper freshly grounded
4) 1/2 fl. oz. madeira
5) 1/2 fl. oz. red portwine
6) 2 fl. oz. dark basic sauce
7) 2 tablespoons sour cream
8) 2 tablespoons shopped chives
9) 1 small cucumber, parsley or chive flower

Preparation of the Chanterelle Tartar:
1) Put chanterelle to pot and simmer 20 minutes,
     covered. Refrigerate for two day.
2) Melt the butter in the frying pan and let it brown
     a little. Fry diced chanterelles so they get dry and
     add salt and white pepper.
3) Add reduced chanterelle broth and chives. Add
     portwine, madeira and basic sauce to the chanterelles
     and boil the mixture so that it comes thick.
4) Place mixture in the middle of the plate using round
     form. Place cured beef fillet slices around the
     tartar and decorate top of tartar with slices of
     cucumber and parsley.

    Smoked Tournedo of Salmon
    with thin Finncrisp Bread and served with Beetroot Zabaione and Carrot-Zucchini Timbale
    (4 servings)
1)   2 slices fillet of salmon
2)   2 slices of this finncrisp bread
3)   Oil, salt and white pepper
4)   1 cup fish broth
5)   2 small potatoes for potato waffles
6)   1 medium diced zucchini
7)   3 diced carrots
8)   1 tablespoon sour cream
9)   2 egg white
10)  Salt, black pepper
11)  4 egg yolks
12)  1 cup beetroot puree
13)  1 fleuron, dill or chives
14)  3 tablespoons butter
15)  4 small beetroots
16)  2 tablespoons white vinegar
17)  Pink peppercorns and fresh dill for decoration

1)   Soak crisp bread in fish broth about 10 minutes
       or until they are tender to turn.
2)   Cut the salmon fillet to eight 1/2 inch wide slices.
3)   Season with salt and white pepper.
4)   Place the bread slices on top and form into roll.
5)   Oil lightly and place the tournedo in the smoking
       box. Smoke about 15 minutes in medium
6)   Make thin slices from carrots and zuccinis for the
       net by using potato peeler.
7)   Boil slices 2 minutes and soak in cold water.
8)   Make a net from slices so it looks a like chess board.
9)   Cut carrots and zuchhinis to cubes and glace in the
       butter until tender.
10)  Season with salt and herbes de provencale.
11)  Cool mixture and add egg whites, blend well.
12)  Place mixture on the net in oiled timbale and close
        with aluminium foil.
13)  Place timbale to simmering water and let it simmer
        for 15 minutes.
14)  Peel beetroots and boil them in water with vinegar.
15)  Puree cooked beetroots evenly. (You can make this
        a day ahead).
16)  Place egg yolks in stainless steel bowl and set it on
        hot water bath.
17)  Peel potatoes and make few potato waffles by using
        "mandoline" and fry them in hot oil, set aside.
18)  Place smoked salmon tournedo on the side of the
        plate and turn timbale on the other side.
19)  Pour sabayonne sauce in the middle of the plate so
        it runs on the both sides.
20)  Decorate tournedo with potato waffles, fresh dill,
        place fleuron on side.

    Frozen whole cranberries with hot
    caramel cream sauce
    (4 servings)
1)  16 oz. whole frozen cranberries
2)  2 cups powdered sugar
3)  6 tablespoons granulated sugar
4)  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5)  1 cup heavy whipping cream
6)  1 teaspoon unsalted butter

1)  Mix cream and sugar together, boil mixture until it
      come thick and brown. Stir mixture during the boiling.
2)  Take cranberries from the freezer about 10 minutes
      before serving.
3)  Pour powdered sugar on a large platter and roll
      cranberries until sugar covers the berries so that they
      are all white.
4)  Place berries to the serving bowl and serve with hot
      caramel cream sauce.

Good Eating!!!