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Home Style Wonton Soup

1)   1. 6 oz. Ground Pork
2)   1 tbs. finely chopped Green Onion
3    1 tsp. freshly minced Ginger
4)   tbs. Vegetable Oil
5)   1 tbs. Soy Sauce
6)   8 drops of Sesame Oil
7)   1 tbs. coarsely chopped Green Onion
8)   cup Cilantro
9)   3 cups of Chicken Broth
10) 1 pack Wonton wrapper (3.5 inch square)

1)   In a midsize bowl combine ground pork, ginger, finely chopped green onion,
       vegetable oil, soy sauce, table spoon water, and 4 drops of sesame oil,
       mix well.
2)   Place of a tsp. of filling in the center of each wrapper, moisten all edges
       of the wrapper with water, then pull the top corner down to the bottom
       corner, folding the wrapper over the filling to make a triangle. Press edges
       firmly to make a seal. Pull left and right corner together, moisten the tips
       and press them together. Continue to finish the filling, yields 30 - 40 pieces.
3)   In a soup pot, add 3 cups of chicken broth and 3 cups of water, bring to boil,
       add 18 pieces of wonton, continue to cook on high heat until come to a boil
       again, turn heat to medium high, cook another 2 minutes, salt to taste, then
       add cilantro, coarsely chopped green onion, and 4 drops of sesame oil.
4)   Ready to serve.

1)   One can easily customize your wonton with this basic wonton soup recipe.
       For instance, ground pork can be replaced by ground beef, turkey, chicken,
       seafood, etc.
2)   Unused wonton can be frozen for later use.
3)   Cilantro can be replaced with Bok Choy, Yu Choy.

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