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Caffe Amouri

107 Church St. NE
Vienna, Virginia 22180

Kayla Moore - Store Manager (left)
John Asman - Training Conductor (right)

Chemex Pour-Over


1)   24 grams finely ground Papua New Guinea Coffee
       (medium-fine gram)
2)   400 grams Water at 195 to 205 degrees f.
3)   Beehouse Dripper
4)   Paper filters #2
5)   Decanter
6)   Timer
7)   Gram scale

1)   Place filter in pour-over.  Preheat filter and Pour-over by pouring hot water through them.
2)   Add coffee to filter & place everthing on scale.  Tare the scale so that the scale is only
       weighing the coffee and water that is put on it.
3)   Start the timer and pour 50 grams of water over the coffee.  Make sure to saturate all
       the grounds thoroughly.
4)   Allow the bloom to degas for 30 seconds before adding more water.
5)   Continue to periodically & slowly pour water over the coffee.  Keep the filter halfway
       filled with water during the brew process.
6)   General brew times are between 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.
7)   Whan all the water has been poured over the grounds and the filter has begun to drip
       slowly, remove and discard the filter.
8)   Pour into your most cherished mug.


33 grams finely ground Dutchess Coffee
2)   113 grams Water at 195 to 205 degrees f.
3)   Your Aeropress (gram scale) stirring device timer
        (set for 1 minute)

)   Place filter in Aeropress & preheat Aeropress by pouring hot water through it.
2)   Add coffee to bottom chamber of Aeropress and place on scale.  Tare scale to zero
       with cup underneath the Aeropress.
3)   Start timer & add the hot water.
4)   When all the water has been added, stir the slurry (coffee and water mixture).
5)   When timer reaches 1 minute, stir slurry.  Then add top chamber and press like mad.
6)   This should produce a concentrated drink that can be enjoyed on its own or when
        diluted with equal parts of hot water to produce a more American-like beverage.

Good Eating!!!