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This Chef teaches cooking classes via
Fairfax County Adult Education
The Adult Enrichment Program (ACE)

Chef Cal Kraft - Culinary Instructor & Cookbook Author
For thirty years, Cal worked in the corporate world of the travel and hospitality industry, from flying the friendly skies, to Director of Customer
Relations at Amtrak, to Regional Vice President for the Council of Better Business Bureaus. He retired in 1995 to pursue his interest in both
cooking and running a country inn. For several years Cal was an Innkeeper at the Bailiwick Inn, a historic 14 - room inn in the heart of
Fairfax, Virginia. It was here that he developed his true love of cooking and fine dining. Whenever he was not attending to his inn
keeping duties, he was in the kitchen watching as Executive Chef Jeff Prather created his culinary magic night after night.
The Inn was sold in late 1999, and in 2000, Cal started “Dinner Is Served” LLC, a personal chef/catering business.

While being a chef was certainly a career change, it was one Cal had been long preparing for. He studied Northern Italian Cuisine under Chef
Instructor Jane Woods as well has having taken culinary studies at both L’ Academe de Cuisine and the Culinary Institute of America. For
over 10 years he was a member of the United States Personal Chef Association; served on the USPCA National Advisory Council; is a
Certified Personal Chef, and Past President of the Capital Chefs of the USPCA Capital Region. He was Chef Instructor at Kitchen
University, a division of Kitchen Etc., teaching all culinary classes from 2001 – 2004. He is currently a Chef Instructor for the
Fairfax Country Adult Education Programs in Culinary Arts as well as a Senior Instructor for the Culinary Business
Academy.  He was a part-time consultant to Don Tango Foods, Inc. and has cooked for A Taste of DC and on
several occasions been a guest chef at the Home and Garden Expo of Northern Virginia. On several
occasions he has been the Guest Chef Instructor at the Briar Patch Inn in Middleburg,
Virginia.  Cal was a presenter at past USPCA National Conferences
in Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Denver.

Granny's "Beer Batter Biscuits"


1)   3 cups Bisquick
2)   4 tbs. Sugar
3)   1 Standard-size bottle or can of beer...at room temperature.
1)   Mix Bisquick and sugar together.
2)   Pour in about three-quarters of the beer, and mix.
3)   Now continue to add the rest of the beer, mixing as you go.
4)   Using a standard ice cream scoop, fill at 12-cup muffing pan
       with the batter mix.  (I use a Teflon coated one so I do not
       use paper cups.  However, that is up to you, since you know
       how your muffin pan works.  Depending on the amount of
       foam in the beer and the humidity, you should get between
       10-12 biscuits from this recipe.)
5)   Tap the muffin tin on the counter top to eliminate any bubbles
       in the batter, and then bake in a preheated 425 degree oven
       for 12 minutes or until the tops of the biscuits are golden
6)   Remove from oven and allow them to sit for several minutes
       before removing the biscuits.
7)   Then gently remove from the pan, spread on some butter,
       jam or honey, and enjoy,

1)   The easiest way to remove the biscuits from the pan is to
       twist them first, breaking the bottom sea.  Then just flip them
       out.  Sometimes, if you try to lift them out without twisting
       them first, the tops break off.
2)   The original recipe is from Eleanor Schultz.

Seafood Pasta
(A one dish wonder)


1)   1/2 lb. Spaghetti or Linguini
2)   4 tbs. Olive Oil
3)   4 cloves Garlic, minced
4)   1 (14 1/2 oz) can whole Tomatoes, drained and chopped
5)   1/2 tsp. Salt
6)   1 pinch Red Pepper Flakes
7)   1/4 tsp. Ground Black Pepper
8)   1 cup White Wine
9)   1/2 lb. Scallops (if large, you can cut then in half.)
10) 1/2 lb. large Shrimp
11) 2 tbs. Lemon Juice
12) 3 tbs. Butter
13) 1 tbs. chopped Parsley

Preparation of the Sauce:
1)   Cook pasta while beginning sauce.
2)   Heat oil in a large non-stick pan.
3)   When the pan is hot, saute the garlic for approximately
       1 to 2 minutes, just to release its flavor.
4)   Do not burn the garlic.
5)   Stir in the drained, whole tomatoes, the salt, the red pepper
       flakes, black pepper and wine.
6)   Cook for 5 minutes.
7)   IF not using right away, cook and store in a refrigerator.

1)   The sauce could be made ahead of time and reheated.

Final Preparation:
1)   Cook the pasta according to package instructions.
2)   Reheat the sauce in a large skillet.
3)   When just reaching the simmer point, add the scallops and
       shrimp, lemon juice and butter.
4)   Cook over high heat for 3 minutes.
5)   Drain the cooked pasta and add to the pan.  Toss.
6)   Add the chopped parsley and additional salt if desired to
7)   Toss a gr;een salad and heat up some garlic bread, pour a
       nice glass of red wine, and presto, your have dinner.

1)   Recipe adapted from one in Quick & Light, February 2001.

Molten Chocolate Cakes


1)   4 squares Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate (either Baker's or
       Ghirardelli...coarsley chopped
2)   1 cup (1 stick) unsalted Butter
3)   1 cup powdered Sugar
4)   2 large Eggs and room temperature
5)   2 large Egg Yolks
6)   6 tbs. Flour
7)   1/2 cup thawed Cool Whip Topping
8)   Cocoa Powder for garnish

1)   Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
2)   Butter four 3/4 cup custard cups or ramekings.
3)   Place on a baking sheet and set aside.
4)   Microwave the chocolate and butter in a large microwavable
       bowl on HIGH for 1 minute or until butter is melted.
5)   Stir with a wire whisk until chocolate is completely melted.
6)   Stir in the sugar until well blended.
7)   Blend in the eggs and egg yolks with a wire whisk.
8)   Stir in the flour.
9)   Divide the batter between prepared custard cups/ramekins.
10) Bake 13 to 14 minutes or until sides are firm but centers are
11) Remove from the oven and let stand for 1 minute.
12) Carefully run a small knife around cakes to loosen.
13) Invert cakes on dessert dishes and slowly lift off the custard
       cups/ramekins.  (These will be hot, so use a towel or oven
       mitt to handle.)
14) Hold custard cut/ramekings right side up, place the dessert
       plate on top, and then carefully flip it over to release the cake.
15) Top the molten cake with the Cool Whip and sprinkle with
       cocoa powder.
16) For a really impressive presentation, place a fanned strawberry
       on the plate and a sprig of mint into the whipped topping.
17) Serve immediately, while whispering, "I love you" into the ear
       of that someone special.

1)   You can prepare the batter for this dessert a day ahead of time.
2)   Pour in prepared custard cups/ramekins, cover with plastic
       wrap and refrigerator.  Bake as directed when ready to serve.
3)   I would take the prepared cakes out of the refrigerator and
       allow them to come to room temperature (approximately 20
       minutes) prior to cooking.  Enjoy!
4)   This recipe is adapted from various recipes of the same name..

Good Eating!!!