"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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McCormick & Schmick's
Seafood Restaurant

Harborside at National Harbor
145 National Plaza
National Harbor, Maryland 20745
(301) 567-6224

Edward Maldunado - Executive Sous Chef

Stuffed Salmon

1)   Stuffed Salmon
2)   2 oz. White Wine.
3)   6 oz. Mashed Potatoes
4)   3 to 4 oz. Regional Seasonal Vegetables
5)   1 oz. Lemon Butter Sauce
6)   1/2 tsp. chopped Chives

1)   Place fish portion on sizzle platter and pour wine over it.
2)   Roast in a 450 degrees until internal temperature reaches
       155 degrees f. (approximately 8 to 10 minutes).
3)   Make sure the fish is brown on top.
4)   Prepare potatoes and vegetables.
5)   Mound the mashed potatoes on a plate at 10 oclock locaton
       and the vegetables at 2 oclock location.
6)   Place the fish at the 6 oclock location.
7)   Make sure the stuffing is facing the outside of the plate.
8)   Ladle lemon butter sauce over the fish and allow it to pool on
       the plate in front of the fish and potatoes.
9)   Sprinkle the chopped chives over the fish and sauce.

Chocolate Bag

1)   1 Chocolate Bag
2)   3 scoops of White Chocolate Mousse
3)   6 Raspberries
4)   3 Blackberries
5)   6 Strawberry Halves
6)   8 Blueberries
7)   1 oz. Raspberry Sauce
8)   Powdered Sugar to dust
9)   1 Rosette Whipped Cream
10) 1 Strawberry Fan
11) 1 Mint Sprig

1)   Pool the raspberry sauce in the center of the plate.
2)   Center the chocolate bag in the sauce, diagonally from
       upper left to lower right.
3)   Fill the bag with 3 scoops of mousse (up to 1 inch from
       top of bag).
4)   Place fresh berries on top of the mousse.
5)   Using a shaker with fine holes, dust powdered sugar over
       the desert.
6)   Pipe a rosette of whipped cream next to the bag at 3 oclock.
7)   Lean a strawberry fan against the whipped cream.
8)   Insert a mint sprig between the whipped cream and strawberry.

 Coast to Coast Tuna Appetizer

1)   5 Saku Ahi Tuna 3/4"
2)   1 tbs. Soybean Salad Oil
3)   1 tbs. Mongolian Pepper Sauce
4)   5 Cilantro Leaves
5)   5 Jalapeno Slices - Paper Thin
6)   5 drops Sriracha Sauce
7)   Ahi Tuna Spice

1)   Place cubed tuna on a skewer ensuring that pieces are squared
       up and even edge to edge.
2)   Dust with ahi tuna spice.
3)   Place oil on hottest part of a flat top pan and sear tuna skewer 10
       to 15 seconds on each side.
4)   Pool Mongolian pepper sauce down center on a plate.
5)   Carefully remove tuna from skewer and even place pieces down
       the center of the pooled sauce with raw side facing up.
6)   Place 1 cilantro leaf on top of each piece of tuna.
7)   Top each cilantro leaf with a very thin slice of jalapeno.
8)   Place 1 small drop of Sriracha sauce in the center of each jalapeno

Good Eating!!!