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Johnathan Leonard
- Executive Chef

Potato Ramp Soup

1)   1 Large Leek
2)   2 Large Yukon Gold Potatoes
3)   6 Whole Ramps
4)   1/2 lb. Unsalted Butter
5)   1 qt. Onion Stock
6)   3 Pieces Bacon
7)   Creme Fraiche/Sour Cream
8)   Chives
9)   1 Garlic Clove
10) Salt

1)   Rough chop the leek and place in cold water to rinse.
2)   Peel the potatoes and dice large.  Peel ramps.
3)   Place half of your butter in a pot and melt.
4)   Dice bacon and render off until cooked to preferance.
5)   Place leeks in the pot with butter and cook on medium/low
       heat.  Cool until tender.
6)   Add the potatoes and sweat with the leeks for 5 minutes.
7)   Add onion stock and simmer until tender.
8)   In a blender put ramps and the remainder of the butter and
       and salt.  Blend on high until smooth.
9)   Garnish with bacon, Creme Fraiche and chives.
10) Serve immediately.
Cast Iron Guinea Hen

1)   1 Halved Deboned Guinnea Hen
2)   1 cup cooked Faro
3)   4 Roasted Cippolinni Onions
4)   1 tbs. sliced blanced Garlic
5)   1 tbs. Pine Nuts
6)   1 tbs. Gold Raisins
7)   1/2 cup Guinnea Stock
8)   1 tbs. chopped Chives
9)   1 tbs. chopped Scallions
10) 2 tbs. Butter
11) 2 oz. White Wine

1)   In a medium hot cast iron pan,  place seasoned bird skin
       side down with another cast iron pan and some extra
       weight on top.  Watch carefully as not to burn.
2)   In a separate pan put one teaspoon of butter and pinenuts
       with raisins.
3)   Saute until nuts are golden.
4)   Add faro and wine.  Cook faro until wine is almost gone. 
       Set aside.
5)   When bird is done, remove from the pan and pour off extra
       grease.  In the same pan you cooked the bird, add the
       chopped cippolinnis and garlic.
6)   Saute until the garlic is toasted.
7)   Add stock immediately and reduce until almost dry.
8)   Add butter, chives, scallions and ramps.
9)   Simmer until butter is melted.
10) Reheat faro and the bird.
11) Place faro is center of plate with bird on top.
12) Pour onion saute over top.

Mushroom Strudel

1)   4 large Portobello Mushrooms - diced small
2)   8 large Shiitake Mushrooms - diced small
3)   1 large Shallot - diced small
4)   4 oz. Cream Cheese
5)   Fillo Dough
6)   1 cup Heavy Cream
7)   1 cup Mushroom Stock
8)   1 cup Madeira Wine
9)   1 tsp. fresh choped Thyme
10) 1 cup Clarified Butter
11) Truffle Oil
12) Truffle Aioli and Herb Salad for garnish

1)   Saute shallots and mushrooms in a hot pan with 1 tablespoon
       clarified butter.
2)   When pan is dry, add wine and cook until almost dry.
3)   Add heavy cream and reduce until you have tiny bubbles.
4)   Place in a refrigerator to cool.
5)   In a mixer, whip cream cheese with truffle oil and thyme.
6)   Incorporate mushrooms to the cream cheese.
7)   Pull out filo dough and attempt to roll mix into 3 inch rolls.
8)   Seal with clarified butter.
9)   Cook in a pan with clarified butter until golden.
10) Garnish with truffle Aioli and Herb Salad
11) Serve immediately.

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