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Pastry Chef - Ndari Partowardojo

Pastry Chef Ndari Partowardojo with Lindsey Gustin

Almond Spritz Cookies

1)   6 oz. Almond Paste
2)   3 oz. Sugar
3)   6 oz. Butter
4)   2 oz. Egg Whites
5)   4.5 oz. Cake Flour
6)   2.5 oz. All Purpose Flour
7)   Raspberry Jam to garnish

1)   Combine Almond Paste, Sugar and Butter and mix with the paddle
       attachment of your mixer.
2)   Gradually add the egg whites and mix until combined, scraping the bowl
       as you go.
3)   Add the Two flours and mix.
4)   Pipe with a star tip in an 'S' shape and bake for 6 Min at 350 degrees.
5)   Pipe a small amount of Raspberry jam after baking.

Roasted Pear stuffed
with Gianduia Chocolate Filling

The Roasted Pear:
1)   8 Pears
2)   1 Bottle of White Wine
3)   2 lbs. Granulated Sugar

1)   Preheat oven to 375 Degrees.
2)   Peel pears and cut a small portion off the bottom to help it stand up.
3)   Stand pears up in a deep baking pan and pour the whole bottle of white
       wine, making sure to get some liquid on all of the pears.
4)   Sprinkle half of sugar generously over top of the pears.
5)   Cover with foil and bake for 30 Min. or until fork tender, basting
       frequently to avoid drying.

The Gianduia Chocolate Filling:
1)   8 oz. Gianduia Chocolate
2)   4 oz. Heavy Cream

1)   In a pot boil the Heavy cream.
2)   Chop Gianduia into even pieces.
3)   Pour hot cream onto Chocolate and whisk together.
4)   Chill Slightly to a pipeable consistency.

The Pear and White Wine Syrup:
The remaining juice in the bottom of roasted pear baking pan.

1)   Strain into a pot and simmer to reduce liquid by half.
2)   Set aside and keep warm

The Assembly:
1)   Use a melon baller to core pears from the bottom, making sure all of
       the seeds are removed.
2)   Fill cavity with the Gianduia Chocolate filling and plug with a cake scrap.
3)   When ready to serve,  warm the pear slightly to make sure filling is fairly
       liquid and will ooze out when eaten.
4)   Spoon Warm pear syrup over top and garnish with berries and mint.
5)   Can also serve with vanilla Ice Cream.

Good Eating!!!