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Little Bakehouse
Great Falls, Va. 22066

Master European Pastry Chef Walter F. Evangelisti

Austrian Linzertorte
(Makes one 8 inch torte - 8 to 12 servings)

Ingredients for Linzerdough:
1)   5 oz. soft unsalted Butter
2)   5 oz. granulated Sugar
3)   5 oz. all purpose Flour
(combine together and mix in mixing bowl until smooth)

4)   3 medium Eggs
5)   5 oz. all purpose Flour
6)   4 oz. ground Hazelnuts
7)   Spices, Salt, ground Cloves, 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder

1)   Gradually add eggs and flour together with the other
       ingredients in a mixing bowl (slow speed).
2)   Then mix with flour.
3)   Lastly, add the ground hazelnuts.
4)   Take the Linzerdough out of the bowl and wrap the dough
        in parchment paper.
5)   Chill it in the refrigerator until it is in a workable condition.
6)   Roll out an 8-inch disc, put it into a mold, and surround the
       outer edge of the disc with a frame of dough.
7)   Fill in 10 oz. of good raspberry preserves and cover it with
        Linzerdough strips (screen style).
8)   Eggwash the top very lightly (whip one egg and brush it on
9)   Bake at 400 degrees F. on the bottom shelf for about 20 to
       30 minutes or until raspberrry preserve is bubbling.

Apple Cream Torte
(Makes one 8 inch torte - 8 to 12 servings)

(For the cooked Apples)
1)   3 Apples pealed and cored - cut into chunks (Macintosh preferred)
2)   3 oz. granulated Sugar3)   Raisins and Rum to your choice4)   Dash of ground Cinnamon

(For the top and bottom of the Torte)
1)   Sweet Cookie Dough
2)   Whipped Cream
3)   3 baked Apple Wedges

1)   Put cold cooked apples on a simple 8-inch baked sweet dough disc
       in frame (like a big sugar cookie).
2)   Fill in 10 oz. freshly whipped heavy whip cream with optional Sugar.
3)   Chill it for at least one hour.
4)   Remove ring and cover the torte with chilled bake apple wedges.
5)   Arrange in circles.
6)   Put Raisins on top.

Sachertorte Dessert
prepared by Walter Evangelisti

Good Eating!!!