"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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Kathleen Linton - Certified Chef Instructor
Email: sorosky2000@yahoo.com

Ms. Kathleen Linton is a certified chef and graduated from the culinary institute in
St. Augustine Florida.  She has had her own catering business for over twenty years
and is now catering for the Lorton Workhouse.  She will soon be catering for the
Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton and will be doing a Harvest Dinner with Wine
Paring on Saturday, October 15th from 7:30-10:30 PM.  She has taught culinary
school in St. Augustine Florida.  She is now teaching at the Workhouse in Lorton,
Sur La Table at Pentagon city, William and Sonoma at Tyson Corner and private
classes at client’s homes.  She had her own TV show in St. Augustine called
Kathleen's Cuisine's.  She is a Gold Medalist in cooking competitions.  She was
the Corporate Chef for Martin & Greer and the Executive Chef for Flagler
Hospital.  Her father was in the MC for over 30 years and her family traveled
a lot  This is what inspired her to cook.  Her specialty is ethnic cuisines.

Watermelon Gazpacho
(serves 6)

1)   1 cup day old Bread - cut into two inch cubes
2)   ¼ cup Rice Vinegar
3)   2 yellow Tomatoes - peeled, and deseeded cut into two inch cubes
4)   2 cups seedless Watermelon - cut into two inch cubes
5)   1 cup seedless Cucumber - peeled and cut into two inch cubes
6)   ½ half of a red or yellow Pepper - seeded and cut into two inch cubes
7)   ½ red Onion - sliced
8)   2 large cloves of Garlic - minced
9)   1 tbs. fresh grated Ginger
10) 2 tbs. of fresh Mint - minced
11) Virgin Olive Oil to taste
12) 3 tbs. Sherry Vinegar - more if needed

1)   Place the bread in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with rice vinegar.
2)   Toss to coat, then add all ingredients up to sherry vinegar.
3)   Let stand at room temperature for 1 hour to draw out the juices.
4)   Puree the mixture in a blender in batches.
5)   Add sherry vinegar and chill.
6)   Serve with mint leaves for garnish.

Sautéed Summer Salad
with Balsamic Glaze
(serves 4)

1)   1 red Onion - sliced
2)   1 yellow Squash - cut into half moons
3)   1 Zucchini - cut into half moons
4)   1 cup red Cherry Tomatoes - cut in half
5)   2 large cloves of Garlic - minced
6)   Extra Virgin Olive oil to coat pan
7)   Salt and Pepper to taste
8)   ½ cup chopped fresh Basil
9)   1 tbs. chopped fresh Oregano
      (Italian seasoning can be used instead of the Basil and Oregano)
9)   ½ cup Feta Cheese
10) ½ cup Kalamata Olives
11) Balsamic Glaze - see below
12) Chopped Lettuce of choice

1)   Sauté onion, squash, cherry tomatoes in the olive oil.
2)   Add garlic until just heated.
3)   Cool the mixture about 5 minutes, then add it to lettuce.
4)   Top with cheese, olives, fresh herbs and Balsamic Glaze, and toss to combine.

For the Balsamic Glaze
1)   1 cup Balsamic Vinegar
2)   3 tbs. Honey or Brown Sugar

1)   Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan and slowly simmer until it reaches the
       thickness of a glaze.
2)   Stir frequently to keep from burning.

Roasted Peaches
(serves 4 to 8)

1)   4 ripe Freestone Peaches
2)   4 tbs. Butter
3)   1/4 cup packed Brown Sugar
4)   1/4 cup finely chopped Almonds
5)   6 Italian Almond Macaroons such as Amaretti - crushed
6)   1 tbs. Amaretto
7)   Whipped Cream or Ice Cream - optional

1)   Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2)   Cut peaches in half and remove stone.
3)   Place peaches in tinfoil skin side down.
4)   Place about a ½ tablespoon of butter in each peach.
5)   Mix together brown sugar almonds and Amaretti sprinkle over peaches and drizzle
       amaretto over all the peaches..
6)   Wrap peaches firmly and place on baking sheet.
7)   Bake at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes, or until peaches are soft but still hold their shape.
8)   Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Good Eating!!!