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Wine Bar & Bistro
11750 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Virginia
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Executive Chef Bo Palker - left
Manager Jason Meringolo - right

Yellow Gazpacho Soup

Makes 8 servings
1)   6 ripe Yellow Yomatoes - peeled and chopped
2)   1 Shallot - finely chopped
3)   1 Cucumber - peeled, seeded and chopped
4)   1 sweet Yellow Bell Pepper - peeled, seeded and chopped
5)   2 stalks Celery - chopped
6)   1 to 2 tbs. chopped fresh Cilantro
7)   2 tbs. chopped fresh Chives
8)   1 Clove Garlic - minced
9)   1/4 cup Banyuls Vinegar
10) 1/4 cup Olive Oil
11) 2 tbs. freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
12) 2 tsp. Sugar
13) 6 or more drops of Tabasco Sauce to taste
14) 2 cups White Wine
15) Kosher Salt and fresh ground Pepper to taste

1)   In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except the shallots.
2)   Blend slightly, to desired consistency.
3)   Next, place in a non-metal storage container, then fold in the shallots.
4)   Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight, allowing the flavors to blend.

Pan Seared Bronzini
with Vinifera’s Heirloom Tomatoes and Patio Herbs

Makes 4 servings
1)   4 each 6 oz. portions fresh Bronzini
2)   1 cup Flour
3)   ½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4)   2 Limes - zested & juiced
5)   1 Shallot - minced
6)   2 tbs. fresh Basil
7)   2 tbs. fresh Chives - chopped
8)   1 cup White Wine
9)   2 Heirloom Tomatoes - large diced
10) Kosher Salt to taste
11) 4 cups mixed Baby Greens
12) 4 oz. Oregano Vinaigrette

1)   First, heat ¼ cup of the oil in a sauté pan.
2)   Then, season the Bronzini with kosher salt.
3)   Next dredge the Bronzini in flour and place it in the hot oil
       skin side up.
4)   Cook for approximately 3 minutes on each side (time will vary
       depending on the thickness of the fish).
5)   Next, remove the fish from the pan and set aside. Discard the
       used oil from the pan and add the remaining ¼ cup of olive
       oil to the pan.
7)   Then add the shallots, basil, and chives.  Cook until the shallots
       are translucent.
8)   Add the wine and let it reduce by half.
9)   Next, add the tomatoes, lime juice and zest. Season with salt to
10) In a medium bowl season the greens with kosher salt; add the
       oregano vinaigrette and divide onto the center of four plates.
11) Place the fish on top of the greens then spoon the tomato mixture
       over the fish and serve.

Wine Pairing
1)   Loudoun Valley, 2008, Traminette, Waterford, Virginia,
2)   Signaterra, 2008, Shone Valley -Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River
       Valley, California

In the Studio Kitchen with Bo Palker (left)
and Lindsey Gustin (right)

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