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Embassy of Ukraine
3350 M St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

Left...Olexandr Aleksandrovych
(Minister - Counselor Embassy of Ukraine)
Right...Nadiya Aleksandrovych
(Spouse and Representative.  She prepared these dishes)

Cabbage Leaves Stuffed with Minced Meat & Rice

1)   Stuffing (see recipe below)
2)   Cabbage (see recipe below)
3)   3 big Tomatoes - diced (could be substituted by canned Tomato Puree)
4)   Sour Cream

1)   In the middle of every cabbage leaf,  put some stuffing and make a roll, tucking the
       ends inside.
2)   Place cabbage rolls into a pan with a thick bottom.  Then pour in cup of water and
       cover with a lid. Put on medium heat until the water gets boiling.  Then reduce heat
       to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
3)   Add diced tomatoes, verify salt, and simmer for additional 40 minutes.
4)   Serve with sour cream.

For the Stuffing
1)   1 pound of Ground Meat
2)   cup of Rice (uncooked)
3)   1 middle-sized Carrot
4)   1 middle-sized Onion
5)   1 Egg
6)   Salt
7)   Pepper

1)   Boil the rice until ready.
2)   Finely chop the onion and then peel and grate the carrot.
3)   Fry the onion and carrot in a small amount of oil over medium heat.
4)   In a bowl, mix together ground meat, fried onion and carrot, cooked rice, egg, salt,
       and pepper. Mix well.

For the Cabbage
1)   1 White Cabbage

1)   Peel off and discard outer cabbage leaves.
2)   Cut out the stem.
3)   Put the entire cabbage into simmering water. Wait till the outer leaves are cooked
       (they get semi-transparent) and take them off with a fork. Repeat these steps for
       the remaining leaves (be careful not to overcook the cabbage).
4)   Cut of the thick central vein of the leaves.

Ravioli-Type Filled Homemade Pasta

For the Dough
1)   2 cups of Flour
2)   cup of very cold Water
3)   1 Egg

1)   Combine flour, water and egg to make elastic, but not sticky dough.
2)   Knead the dough until smooth.
3)   Shape the dough into a ball, powder it with flour, and let rest for 30 minutes.

For the Pasta
1)   4 middle-sized Potatoes
2)   15 oz. of Ricotta Cheese
3)   1 small bunch of fresh Dill
4)   Salt

1)   Peel the potatoes, cube them and boil until cooked.
2)   Drain the cooked potatoes well.
3)   Add ricotta, finely chopped dill, and salt. Mash until smooth.

Final Preparation
1)   Powder the countertop with flour.  Then thinly roll out the dough (to 3 mm.
       thickness approximately.)
2)   Cut out round shapes with a cookie-cutter or the rim of a glass.
3)   Put some filling in the middle of the cut-out piece of dough.  Then join the opposite
       edges of the dough by pressing them together with fingertips to give it a
       crescent-shaped form.  This is the Varenyky.
4)   Put the Varenyky on floured surface.
5)   In a large pan bring plenty of water to boil, salt it lightly and put the Varenyky into
       it one by one (don’t overcrowd).
6)   Stir carefully to make sure the Varenyky doesn't stick to the pan or to each other.
7)   After the Varenyky float to the surface, boil on medium heat for 7 minutes approximately.
8)   When ready, take the Varenyky out into a bowl, add a dollop of butter and toss them gently.

Beet Root Salad

1)   1 big Beet Root
2)   2 middle-sized Carrots
3)   2 middle-sized Potatoes
4)   One 15 oz. can of Sweet Peas
5)   6 pickled Cornichons
6)   1 small Red Onion
7)   Oil
8)   Salt
9)   Pepper

1)   Boil unpeeled beet root, carrots and potatoes until cooked.
2)   Peel the cooked vegetables and dice them.
3)   Add diced cornichons, finely chopped onion, drained sweet peas.
4)   Add salt, pepper and oil to taste.

In the Studio Kitchen with Lindsey Gustin (right)
and Nadiya Aleksandrovych (left)

Good Eating!!!