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Pastry Chef Damien Bell

Chocolate Mousse

1)   3/4 lb. Chocolate
2)   1/5 lb. Butter
3)   5 Egg Yolks
4)   4 Egg Whites
5)   1/3 lb. Sugar
6)   2 cups Heavy Cream

1)   Melt chocolate and butter in a heavy bottom sauce pan.
2)   Separate eggs and set aside.
3)   Whip heavy cream to stiff peaks, (don't overwhip,  you'll get butter)
       and refrigerate.
4)   Blend the chocolate-butter mixture with the egg yolks.
5)   Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks.
6)   Add sugar to the egg whites and whip 30 seconds more.
7)   Fold whipped cream and egg whites into chocolate mixture,  a little at a time
       alternating each one until it is completely combined.
8)   Fill molds or dessert dishes and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.


1)   Cannoli Cream
2)   1 lb. of Ricotta Cheese
3)   1 cup of Sugar
4)   1/4 cup Vanilla Extract
5)   2 cups of Heavy Cream
6)   10 Cannoli Shells

1)   Drain Ricotta in a colander for 1 hour.  You can help this process along by
       covering the cheese with plastic wrap and resting a large can of heavy pan
       on it.  This process is to remove excess water from the cheese.
2)   Whip the Heavy cream to stiff peaks, do not over whip or you will have butter.
3)   In a large mixing bowl, combine Ricotta, Sugar, and Vanilla extract, mix
4)   Fold whipped cream into Ricotta mixture until fully incorporated.
5)   Then place in a pastry bag with a large tip and pipe into the Cannoli shells.
6)   Garnish with fresh fruit or powered sugar and serve.

Cannoli shells can be bought from specialty Grocery stores, as the process to
make them can be quite tedious. Also Cannoli should be piped into shells when
they are ready to be served

Creme Brulee

1)   1 qt. Heavy Cream
2)   1 cup Sugar
3)   10 Egg Yolks
4)   2 Vanilla Beans (split)
5)   10 six oz. oven safe cups or bowls

1)   Combine ½ the sugar with all of the heavy cream and Vanilla beans in a
       heavy bottomed sauce pan over medium heat.
2)   Bring the mixture to a boil.
3)   In a large bowl, combine the remaining sugar and the egg yolks with a wire
       whip until smooth.
4)   Temper the mixture by slowly adding ½ the heavy cream mixture to the egg
       mixture, while vigorously whisking with the wire whip. By slowly adding the
       hot cream, you prevent the eggs from being cooked by the hot cream.
5)   Once ½ the mixture is incorporated, still whisking,  you can safely add the
       remainder of the cream to the eggs.
6)   Pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer.
7)   Place the finished mixture into 10 oven safe cups or bowls.
8)   Place the cups in a shallow pan with ½" of water in it
       (this is known as a Bain Marie).
9)   Set the Bain Marie with the filled cups into an oven, preheated to 300 degrees.
10) Bake for 2 hours...until it just begins to set.
11) Remove from the oven and the Bain Marie, then refrigerate for 8 hours.
12) When the cottura is ready, remove one and sprinkle raw or regular white
       sugar on top, and with a propane blow torch, melt the sugar on top without
       burning it.
13) Serve this dessert with fresh berries or shaved white chocolate etc.

Good Eating!!!