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Zengo - Washington D.C.

781 7th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001 (In Chinatown)

Graham Bartlett - Chef de Cuisine

Tuna Tiradito
Left Picture - Raw Tuna Version
Right Picture- Seared Tuna Version

1)   8 oz. fresh Sushi Grade Tuna - sliced against the grain very thin,  preferably from the eye
2)   4 fl oz. Ponzu (see recipe below)
3)   1 fresh Cucumber - sliced very thin in rectangle
4)   1 Avocado - diced into small cubes
5)   Cilantro Leaves for garnish
6)   Sriracha Chile Paste for garnish

1)   Using a plate with a contour or well to keep the sauce from spilling, arrange the cucumber
       with tuna slices on top.
2)   Garnish with cilantro leaves, avocado, and sriracha.
3)   Serve cold as an appetizer or accompaniment to meal.

The Ponzu (yield 1 quart)
1)   12 fl oz. Low Sodium Soy Sauce
2)   6 fl oz. Rice Vinegar
3)   4 fl oz. Sake
4)   4 fl oz. Mirin
5)   2.5 fl oz.  Yuzu
6)   Small piece of dried Kombu

1)   Combine all ingredients in appropriate plastic container and mix well.
2)   Allow to sit to develop flavor from Kombu, preferably overnight.
3)   Keep cold in fridge until use.
4)   Can be used as seasoning for many different dishes!

Duck Fried Rice

1)   4 cups cooked Jasmine Rice
2)   6 oz.  cooked Shrimp
3)   6 oz.  cooked and shredded Beef, Duck, Pork, etc (see below for the Duck recipe)
4)   2 Eggs - beaten lightly
5)   3 oz. finely chopped Carrots, Snow Peas, and Yellow Onion - mixed
6)   Soy Sauce, Salt, and Pepper to taste
7)   Garnish with Bean Sprouts, Cilantro, and chopped Scallion
8)   Canola Oil for cooking
9)   Butter to finish

1)   Start with a large non stick pan or wok. Heat over high flame and add liberal amount of
       canola oil. Saute the egg as if making an omelette.
2)   Remove the egg and drain on a piece of paper to remove excess fat.
3)   Return the same pan to the heat and add vegetables. Saute briefly, then add meats and
       shrimp. The vegetables and meat will continue to cook and steam with the rice so they
       don’t have to be translucent.
4)   Continue to cook over high heat, tossing continuously to avoid sticking or scorching.
       Break the rice apart with a spoon or spatula if necessary. The whole process shouldn’t
       take more than one or two minutes. Add the egg and break apart with spoon into the rice.
       When the rice is evenly broken apart, add a small amount of salt, pepper, and soy sauce.
       Add butter if desired.
5)   Turn the rice out into a bowl. Garnish with the bean sprouts, cilantro, and scallion and
       serve while hot.

The Duck
1)   2 Cuck Legs
2)   ¼ cup Kosher or coarse ground Sea Salt
3)   ¼ cup Dark Brown Sugar

1)   Toss the duck with the salt and sugar and allow to cure overnight in the fridge.
2)   Rinse the cure from the duck and pat dry.
3)   Cover with canola oil and cook, covered, in casserole dish in 225 degree oven for about
       6 hours or until tender.
4)   Allow to cool slightly before shredding.

In the Studio Kitchen with Graham Bartlett (left)
and Lindsey Gustin (right)

Good Eating!!!