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Belle Haven Country Club
6023 Fort Hunt Road
Alexandria, VA 22307
(703) 329-1448

Chef Max Knoepfel - Executive Chef

Minted Duo of Summer Melon Soup,
Max's Melon - Raspberry Stir Stick

(6 servings)
1)   2 Ripe Cantaloupe Melon
2)   1 Honey Dew Melon ( Ripe and firm on outside)
3)   1 cup Orange Juice
4)   ¼ cup Mint Leaves - cut into thin Julienne strips
5)   1/2 cup White Wine - such as Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay
6)   3 tbs. Honey
7)   1/4 pint Raspberries - gently washed
8)   Mint sprigs, for garnish or Fresh Flower Petals (edible flowers)
9)   1 each for Garnish Raspberry and Melon Ball Stir Stick Garnish

1)   For the Melon, cut off the ends to stabilize on the cutting board, then Peel the Melon,
       removing the rind.
2)   Cut the Melons in half and remove the seeds with a spoon.
3)   Cut out of the Melons 6 Melon Balls for Garnish, then Cut the remaining melons into
       chunks and place in a blender, at medium speed, incorporating the orange juice and wine.
4)   Add the honey, blend until smooth, pour the mixture into a bowl and incorporate the cut
       up mint.  Reserve and chill thoroughly in refrigerator.
5)   To serve, ladle the soup into chilled Martini Glass, Garnish with a Stir Stick composed
        of Melon Ball ( cantaloupe and Honey Dew) or Raspberry with a sprig of Mint.

Cedar Plank Salmon Filet with Nest of Summer Fennel,
Nectarine and Yellow Ripe Tomato Salad and a
Meyer Lemon-Honey Dressing

(6 servings)
1)   2 lb. Salmon Fillet - Center Cut; skin removed and removed pin bones
2)   2 large Fennel Bulbs - sliced paper-thin
3)   2 Large Yellow Ripe Tomatoes
4)   2 Ripe Nectarines
5)   3 Cups Rainbow Micro Greens
6)   1/8 Cup White Balsamic Vinegar
7)   Edible Flowers (To Garnish)
8)   3 tbs. Honey
9)   2 Yellow Tomatoes
10) ½ Cup Grape Seed Oil
11) Cedar Plank For Roasting Salmon
12) 2 Meyer Lemons
13) 1 Juice of an Orange

1)   With a very sharp knife, trim the gray fat off the skin side of the Salmon.  Then slice the
        salmon into 5 ounch portions or 3 pieces per pound.
2)   Soak the cedar plank in water.
3)   Sear salmon on one side and place on the cedar plank.  Cook until done and reserve warm.
4)   Wash and trim the fennel bulbs and shave them extremely thin..
5)   Dice the two yellow tomatoes while removing the seeds.
6)   Peel and dice the nectarines.  Reserve.
7)   To prepare the vinaigrette,  juice two Meyer lemons, the orange, and combine with honey
       and the white balsamic vinegar.  Reserve in a small bowl and slowly emulsify with the grape
       seed oil
8)   Combine the fennel, Diced yellow tomato, micro greens, and the nectarines with the reserved
9)   Place summer fennel salad in the center of a large serving plate.
10) Gently remove the salmon from the cedar plank and place atop the fennel salad.  Drizzle with
       any remaining vinaigrette,
11) Garnish with the edible flowers.

In the Studio Kitchen with Chef Max (left)
and Lindsey Gustin (right)

Left Top - Outside the Belle Haven Country Club
Right Top - Entranceway at Belle Haven Country Club
Both Bottom Pictures - Dining Rooms at the Belle Haven Country Club

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