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Cod Cake Short Plate
(Serves 6 to 8)

1)   1 1/2 Fresh or Frozen Cod Filet
2)   1/2 cup  White Wine
3)   1/2 oz.  Shallots - chopped fine
4)   1 tsp. Kosher Salt
5)   1/2 tsp. Coarse Black Pepper
6)   4 oz. Butter Crackers (Ritz) - crumbled
7)   3/4 cup Hellmans Mayonnaise
9)   1 tsp.  Old Bay
10) 2 tsp.   Worcestershire Sauce
11) 1 Large Egg
12) 2 tsp. Fresh Garlic - Chopped Fine
13) 1 to 2 tsp. Lemon Juice
14) 1/4-1/2 tsp. Tabasco
15) Kosher Salt to taste
16) Coarse Black Pepper to taste
17) 5 oz. Baby Arugula
18) 5 oz. Mesclun
19) 8 Sweet Potato Gaufrette
20) 2 oz. Chile Lime Crème Fraiche
21) 1 oz. Parsley Oil
22) 1/2 cup Canola Oil

1)   With White wine and shallots, sprinkle salt and pepper over the Cod filet.
       Place on small sheet tray. Oven should be pre-heated to 375. Place in the
       oven for approximately 10-15 minutes or until just cooked to about medium.
       Remove from oven and allow to cool completely. While cooling the cod.
2)   Mix together the ingredients for the sauce for the cod cakes in a small
       stainless steel bowl.
3)   With a small bowl break apart the cod filet into large lumps the size of
       jumbo lump crab.  Break up the butter crackers over the cod, and carefully
       fold the sauce in 1/3's with the cod fish.  be careful not to break up the
       lumps. You want the cod cakes creamy not loose.
4)   Form the cod mixture into 2 oz. cod cakes. Place on a plate until ready to
5)   Take the salad plates place a small amount of greens in center. Drizzle
       sauces artfully around greens. Place gaufrette sweet potato on top of
6)   With medium size saute pan pour in the oil and place under medium to
       high heat.  When oil is hot enough place pan fry cod cakes until golden
       brown on both sides. Allow the cod cakes to warm through and should
       be ready to serve immediately.
7)   Place cod cake on top of gaufrette and greens and serve.

Mediterranean Shrimp and Artichoke Salad
(Serves 6)

1)   3 Large Artichokes
2)   1/2 bunch Italian Parsley - chopped fine
3)   6 Garlic Cloves - slice in slivers
4)   3 tsp. + 1/2 cup  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5)   1 tbs. + 2 tsp.  Kosher Salt
6)   1 tsp. + 1/2 tsp.  Coarse Black Pepper
7)   Water
8)   2 Lemons
9)   12 Shrimp 16/20 P & D
10) 2 Avacados
11) 2 Plum Tomatoes
12) 1/4 bunch  Fresh Tarragon - loose leaves off stem
13) 1 tsp. chopped Garlic
14) 1 lb. Mesclun
15) 1/2 bunch Frisee

1)   Take Artichokes and clean in sink. When working with artichokes, they
       brown easily.  Make sure you work quickly. In a stock pot add 2 quarts
       of water, most of the salt and juice of one lemon.
2)   With a knife cut the top of the artichoke removing the first 1 1/2 inches.
       With your hands carefully remove some of the outer leaves. Carefully
       with a pairing knife continue to remove some more of the leaves. Around
       the base pair away the broken stems to make the artichoke smooth and
       even. With a peeler peel the stem. When cooked this is edible as well.
3)   Cut the artichokes lengthwise and place into the lemon water. Put on the
       stove and put the heat to Medium High and bring to a boil then turn
       down to a simmer. Simmer the artichokes covered for approximately 10
       minutes (do not boil them).
4)   Slice the garlic cloves into slivers and set aside. When the artichokes are
       done strain the water.  Cool down the artichokes in Ice Water. Take the
       Artichokes and between the leaves put the slivers of garlic. Drizzle with
       the 3 tablespoons of the extra virgin olive oil.  Sprinkle between the leaves
       some of the chopped parsley. Pre-heat Oven, on cookie sheet line with
       Artichoke halves and roast approximately 5 minutes to cook garlic slivers.
       Sprinkle some Kosher Salt as well on the artichokes. This will give
       artichokes some added flavor.
5)   Julienne the Plum tomatoes (remove the seeds). Remove skin of Avacado
       and cut into small wedges. Then in stainless steel bowl add the tomatoes,
       avacadoes, chopped garlic, juice of second lemon, the remaining extra
       virgin olive oil, tarragon leaves, parsley.  Season with remaining salt and
       coarse black pepper.
6)   With a Saute pan add Olive Oil and under Medium to High Heat saute
       the Shrimp with tails on.  Sear the shrimp on both sides for aproximately
       1 minute. Slice Shrimp in one half.  add to Salad.
7)   Take large salad plates and place 1 cup mesclun on each. Put Artichoke
       half on top of greens.  Take Shrimp salad and place in cup of each
       artichoke half. The remaining dressing in bowl  should be spooned over
       top of each of the plates to add additional garnish. Serve.

Seared Tilapia with Salsa Picante
and Edamame Succotash
(Serves 6)

1)   6  Tilapia Fillets 4 to 6 oz.
2)   1/4 cup Canola Oil
3)   2 tsp. Kosher Salt
4)   1/2 tsp. Coarse Black Pepper
5)   2 tsp. Smoked Paprika
6)   2 tsp. Granulated Garlic
7)   2 cups Salsa Picante (see recipe below)
8)   1/4 cup Cilantro Oil
9)   1 Edamame Succotash
10) 9 oz. Sugar Snap Peas

1)   Season Tilapia with Salt, Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Oil and Garlic.
2)   Heat saute pan over medium heat with a small amount of oil.
3)   Sear Tilapia in Pan (you should hear the fish sizzle quietly in pan).
4)   Cook the Tilapia for two minutes on each side. Should be ready to serve.

The Salsa Picante
1)   1 can Canned Comatoes
2)   1/2 Onion
3)   1 ea.  Green Pepper
4)   1/4 bunch Cilantro - chopped fine
5)   2 Garlic Cloves - rough chop
6)   1/2 Chipotle en Adobo - canned
7)   1/4 cup Olive Oil
8)   4 tsp. Ground Cumin
9)   2 tsp. Chile Powder
10) 1/2 tsp. Dried Oregano
11) 1 to 2 tsp. Sugar
12) Kosher Salt to taste
13) 1/2 cup Vegetable Broth

1)   Saute onions, green peppers, garlic, and chipotle peppers with a small amout of oil.
2)   Add in spices.
3)   Add tomatoes and vegetable stock and simmer for 30 minutes.
4)   Add in Cilantro.
5)   Puree in Blender and return to heat and keep warm until Tilapia is ready.

Plating the Entrée
1)   Place the warmed Edamame Succotash in the center of the plate.
2)   Place the fish on top of the succotash.
3)   Spoon the sauce around the fish artfully and place some over top.
4)   Add a sprinkle of  sauteed sugar snap peas around the fish.
5)   The fish entree is now ready to serve.

Good Eating!!!