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National Pastime Sports Bar & Grill
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
201 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, Md. 20745

Louis Martorano - Executive Chef (right)
with Lindsey Gustin (left)

 Pastime Crab Cake

1)   Jumbo lump Crab Meat #1
2)   Claw Crab Meat #1
3)   2 Whole Eggs
4)   1 cup Onion
5)   ½ cup Green Peppers
6)   ½ cup Red Peppers
7)   2 oz. Dijon Mustard
8)   2 oz. Worcestershire Sauce
9)   2 oz. Lemon Juice
10) 2 tbs. Old Bay Seasoning
11) 4 tbs. Olive Oil
12) 8 oz. Mayonnaise
13) Panko bread crumbles – grounds more finer with food processor

1)   Dice the onion and the peppers small.
2)   In mixing bowl mix eggs, mustard, Worcestershire, lemon juice, mayo and
       old bay seasoning.  Mix well and hold.
3)   In a sauté pan heat ½ of the olive oil.  Then add onions cook two minutes,
       add peppers and cook for two to three minutes.  Should be al dente to touch.
       Cool down and hold.
3)   Open crab and ensure that there are no shells.
4)   Add vegetable with crab and mix well without breaking the big lump crab.
5)   Add mayo mixture little by little until well blended with crab mix.  Remember...
       don’t mix vigorously.
6)   Using bread crumbs that have been made fine from food processor,  mix with
       the crab mixture and make crab cake into 4 oz. cakes.
7)   Using more bread crumbs dust the outside of cake entirely without over
       coating.  After breading, let stand in refrigerator at least one hour.
8)   In sauté pan over medium heat add remaining oil and brown on each side
       carefully for about one minute on each side.  Take off stove and finish in 350
       degree oven for five to seven minutes.

The Remoulade Sauce
1)   Pequino Pepper (2 each) – small hot seeded finely chopped
2)   4 oz. Mayonnaise
3)   1 oz. Mustard Dijon
4)   2 tbs. Capers
5)   2 each Gherkins (sour pickle) - diced small
6)   1 bunch Parsley - chopped fine
7)   2 fillets Anchovies

1)   In a stainless bowl break up anchovies with fork to a paste.
2)   Add all other ingredients and mix well.
3)   Season with salt & pepper to taste.
4)   Hold in refrigerator.

Maryland Crab Soup

1)   4 oz. Garlic – fresh minced
2)   2 Onions - diced small
3)   1 Celery - diced small
4)   1 Carrots - diced small
5)   1 fresh cut Corn
6)   1 fresh cut Green Beans ½ in length
7)   24 oz. diced Tomato - canned
8)   4 oz. Tomato Paste
9)   2 tbs. Old Bay Seasoning
10) 2 oz. Olive Oil
11) 2 jumbo Lump Crabmeat
12) 1 gallon Lobster & Crab Stock (see recipe below)
14) Served with Oyster Crackers

1)   In medium soup pot heat pot over medium to high heat.
2)   Add oil, heat, add onion, garlic sauté until translucent.
3)   Add carrots, celery cook for five minutes stirring frequently to avoid burning.
4)   Add tomato paste and cook out for ten minutes.  Again stirring frequently
       so we don’t burn.  Season with salt & pepper to taste.
5)   Add Old Bay seasoning and stir well.
6)   Add all remaining ingredients and let cook for 35 to 40 minutes on medium to low heat.

The Lobster and Crab Stock
1)   6 oz, Garlic Cloves
2)   5 Lobster bodies
3)   5  Crab bodies
4)   3 Onions - rough cut and peeled no skin
5)   1 1/2 Celerys - rough cut
6)   1 1/2 Carrots - rough cut and peeled
7)   4 oz. Tomato Paste
8)   4 Bay Leaves
9)   2 fresh bunches fresh Parsley
10) 2 oz. White Peppercorns
11) 4 oz. Olive Oil

1)   In stock pot heat over medium to high heat.
2)   Add oil and continue to heat.  Add onion, garlic and sauté until translucent.
3)   Add carrots and celery.  Cook for additional five minutes.
4)   Add tomato paste, mix well and cook for ten minutes.  Stir frequently to avoid
5)   Add lobster and crab and cover pot for five minutes to sweat the bodies.
6)   Add remaining ingredients and fill up with water to about 4” above lobster and
7)   Cook at slow rolling boil (not vigorously) for about four hours until water and
       bones meat.  Reduce the stock by 1/3.
8)   Pull off heat and strain all ingredients to where you only have broth.
9)   Chill to 70? quickly in ice bath.  Then place in refrigerator over night to cool
       the rest of the way.  Can stay in refrigerator for about 4 to 5 days.  Or you
       can freeze it.  When your ready to make soup pull from freezer 24 hours
       prior and place in refrigerator to defrost.

Left Picture
In the Studio Kitchen with Louis
Martorano (left) and Lindsey Gustin (right)

Right Picture
A Hat from the National Sports Bar and Grill

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