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Jennifer Howe
Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor

EMAIL: jennifer@howetoeat.com

Apple Crisp with Maple Whip
1)   3 tbs. Whole Wheat Flour
2)   ¾ cup rolled Oats
3)   2 tbs. Butter
4)   3 tbs. Rapadura (Unrefined Sugar)
5)   ½ tsp. Cinnamon
6)   2 cups chopped fresh Apples use a variety

1)   Place chopped apples in a 9 pie pan.
2)   Combine other ingredients, cut together until it resembles coarse meal.
3)   Spread this topping over the apples.
4)   Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

The Maple Whip
1)   1 package firm Silken Tofu
2)   3 tbs. Maple Syrup
3)   2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
4)   2 tbs. Almond Butter

1)   Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
2)   Chill.

Butternut Miso Soup

1)   6 cups Water
2)   1/2 small Onion - sliced
3)   2 cups peeled and chopped Butternut Squash
4)   3 stalks of Wakame
5)   1 block of firm Tofu - cut into small squares
6)   3 tbs. Miso Paste
7)   toasted Sesame Seeds
8)   sliced Scallions

1)   Bring water to a boil. Add onion, squash and wakame.
2)   Simmer until squash is tender. At this point you can mash the squash a little to
       make a creamier soup.
3)   Add the tofu and continue cooking for 5 minutes.
4)   Place one cup of the soup in a bowl. Dissolve the miso in this bowl with the one
       cup of soup.
5)   Add the dissolved miso back to the pot and stir to combine. After you add the
       miso to the soup do not boil it again. Boiling miso destroys its helpful enzymes.
6)   Serve soup hot with garnishes of sesame seeds and scallions.

Steamed Buckwheat plus
Kale and Celery with Goji Berries and Toasted Pecans

The Steamed Buckwheat
1)   1 1/2 cups roasted Buckwheat (Kasha)
2)   2 1/2 cups Water
3)   pinch of each Salt and Pepper
4)   1 Carrot - sliced

1)   Add the salt, pepper, water and carrot. Bring to a rolling boil and cover.
2)   Turn heat to the lowest setting and simmer, covered for 15-20 minutes or
       until all of the water is absorbed.
3)   Fluff with a fork to separate grains before serving.

The Kale and Celery with Goji Berries and Toasted Pecans
1)   2 bunches Kale
2)   2 tsp. EVO
3)   2 Celery stalks - thinly sliced
4)   1 tsp. minced Garlic
5)   ¼ cup Goji Berries - soaked and drained
6)   ½ cup Pecans - toasted and chopped
7)   Sea salt and Pepper to taste

1)   Wash and strip kale leaves off stalks.  Discard stalks and coarsely chop
2)   Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a large skillet and add kale.
3)   Cook, covered, about 5 minutes until bright green and tender.
4)   Remove and drain.
5)   Wipe skillet dry.
6)   Heat EVO in skillet.
7)   Add garlic and heat until fragrant, then add cooked kale and cook to
heat through.
8)   Toss in goji berries and toasted pecans.
9)   Season with salt and pepper.

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