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Continental French Cuisine

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Marcel Bernard - Chef/Owner

French Salade Nicoise
A great Summer Salad!

1)   1 Head of Boston Lettuce
2)   1/2 Red Pepper
3)   3 oz. French Beans or Green Beans
4)   3 oz. Marinated Black Olives
5)   2 oz. Shredded Parmessan
6)   2 Roma Tomato Confit
7)   2 Boiled Red Potatoes
8)   2 Hard Boiled Eggs
9)   5 oz. Fresh Tuna or Canned Tuna in Oil
10) 1 oz. Balsamic Vinaigrette

1)   Clean the head of the boston lettuce.
2)   Boil the eggs, potatoes and the green beans.
3)   Cut the roma tomatoes in half and garnish with garlic and parsley.  Cook in
       an oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees f.
4)   Remove the boiled eggs, potatoes and beans from the boiling water and strain.
       Allow to cool.
5)   Finely slice the red pepper and beans.
6)   Once removing the roma tomatoes from the oven, allow them to cool for 5
       minutes.  Then peel the skin of the tomatoes.
7)   Cut the boiled eggs and potatoes in half and keep aside.
8)   Cut the head of the boston lettuce to the desired amount.  Place the cut lettuce
       into a large bowl.
9)   Arrange all the ingredients (beans, olives, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes) around the
10) Dress the salad with balsamic vinaigrette.
11) If using fresh tuna, cook to desired temperature (rare or medium rare is usually
       recommended).  If using canned tuna, place tuna and oil on top of the salad.
12) Once the fresh tuna is cooked to your desired temperature, slice the tuna in 6
       large pieces and place in the center of the salad.
13) Garnish the salad with the shredded parmessan cheese and enjoy.

Cheese Creme Brulee
A Light & Tasty Treat

1)   1/3 Liter of Heavy Cream mixed with 1/6 Liter of Milk and Water
2)   1 Whole Egg
3)   2 Egg Yolks
4)   5 oz. of Grated Conte, Parmessan and Reblochon Cheese
5)   1 Pinch of Salt
6)   1 Pinch of Pepper
7)   1 Pinch of Nutmeg

1)   Heat the mixed cream to a light simmer.
2)   Place the cheeses into the warm mixed cream mixture in order to melt.
3)   Add the salt, pepper and nutmeg.
4)   Whip the egg yolks and egg together in the time that cheeses melt into the
5)   While whipping the egg mixture, add the warm cream mixture into a bowl.
6)   Place the shredded Parmessan cheese on the bottoms of the creme brulee
       dish molds.
7)   Place the mixture also into the creme brulee dish molds.
8)   Place the filled molds into a water bed for 25 minutes at 300 degrees f.
9)   Once taking the molds out of the oven...allow to cool.
10) For serving: add shredded Parmessan cheese on top and place in an oven
       until cheese turns light brown in color.  Enjoy!

In the Studio Kitchen with Marcel Bernard
(left) and Lindsey Gustin (right)

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