"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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At the new Renaissance M Street Hotel
1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.

Darren Anklam - Executive Chef

Sauteed Shrimp & Smoked Cheddar Grits

The Main Course - Left
The Appetizer - Right

Smoked Cheddar Grits
1)   1 Pint Heavy Cream
2)   1 Pint Half and Half
3)   8 oz. Whole Butter
4)   1/2 Cup Small Diced White Onion
5)   2 tbs. Minced Garlic
6)   2 Cups Shredded Smoked Cheddar Cheese
7)   1 Cup Instant Grits

1)   Add the whole butter to a hot sauce pan, add the minced onions and cook for
       two minutes over medium heat.
2)   Add the garlic and continue to cook for another minute.
3)   Add the heavy cream, half and half and whisk in the grits.
4)   Cook for about 10 to 12 minutes stirring occasionally to prevent the grits from
       burning. If the grits become too thick thin it out with a little water.
5)   Cook the grits until they are nice and smooth and then fold in the cheese.

Shrimp and Grits
1)   9 ea Cleaned 16-20 Shrimp
2)   1 tbs. Minced Garlic
3)   4 oz. White Wine
4)   2 tbs. Whole Butter
5)   Salt and Pepper to taste
6)   Olive Oil.

1)   Season the shrimp with salt and pepper on both sides and place in a hot pan
       with a little olive oil.
2)   Cook for about 2 minutes on both sides and then add the garlic.
3)   Deglaze the pan with the white wine and reduce by half.
4)   Whisk in the whole butter at the end and season again to taste with salt and
5)   Place the grits in the center on a large plate and place the shrimp around.
6)   Drizzle with a little Chile oil and garnish with chopped chives and small diced

Lemon Sole and Sauteed Crab

1)   One 7-8 oz.  Lemon Sole
2)   3 oz. jumbo Lump Crab
3)   4 oz. Beurre Blanc (see recipe below)
4)   2 oz. Olive Oil
5)   1 ea. Lemon
6)   8 oz. Flour
7)   To taste Salt and Pepper

1)   Season the Sole with salt and pepper on both sides and then dredge in the flour.
2)   Pat the excess flour off the Sole.
3)   In a HOT pan add the olive oil and place the presentation side of the Sole down
4)   Once the sole has become a light brown around the edges flip it over and finish
       cooking on the other side.  It should take about 3-4 minutes per side.
5)   While the Sole is cooking, heat the crab meat in another pan with the burre
       blanc until it is hot and then season with salt and pepper.
8)   Place the sole down on the plate, top with the crab meat and drizzle the rest of
       the sauce around the plate.
9)   Garnish with a lemon half and fresh parsley

The Beurre Blanc
1)   1 lb. White Wine
2)   2 ea minced Shallots
3)   4 ea Peppercorns
4)   1 ea Bay Leaf
5)   1 bunch fresh Thyme
6)   1 lb. Heavy Cream
7)   1 stick Unsalted butter
8)   1 ea juice of Lemon
9)   to taste Salt and pepper

1)   In a sauce pot add the wine, shallots, peppercorns, thyme and bay leaf.
2)   Reduce over medium heat until 4 oz. of liquid is remaining.
3)   Add the cream and reduce by 2/3rd.
4)   Remove the pot from the heat and whisk in the butter a little at a time until it
       is all incorporated.
5)   Strain thru a fine strainer and then season to taste with salt, pepper and
6)   Keep in a warm place.

Other dishes served at the restaurant
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In the Studio Kitchen
Bottom Right) Darren Anklam and Lindsey Gustin

Good Eating!!!