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Stratford College
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Armand Ferraro-Chef Instructor

Armand Ferraro and Lindsey Gustin

Biscotti, Pistachio
(40 Servings)

1)  1 1/2 cups All-Purpose Flour
2)  1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
3)  1/3 cup Pistachios - chopped
4)  4 oz. Egg Whites - room temperature
5)  3/4 cup Sugar
6)  1 tsp. Vanilla

1)  Sift the flour and baking powder into a
      medium S/S bowl.
2)  Add the pistachios and mix to combine.
3)  Place the egg whites in a mixer fitted
      with the whip attachment.
4)  Whip the egg whites until soft peak.
5)  Gradually add the sugar and whip until
      stiff peak.
6)  Add the vanilla and mix until smooth.
7)  Fold the flour mixture and meringue
      together all at once in the medium
      S/S bowl.
8)  Spoon the mix into two 12" X 4" bars
      onto a parchment lined sheet pan.
9)  Bake at 350 deg. f. until golden brown
      (about 20 minutes for this first bake).
10) Remove the bars from sheet pan and cut
       into 1/2" thick pieces.
11) Place on a wire rack on the same sheet pan.
12) Bake at 275 deg f. until light brown and
       crisp (about 15 minutes for this second
       bake).  The second bake is necessary to
       complete the cooking of the inside.
13) Cool the biscotti completely on wire racks.
14) Store in an air tight container, at room

(Yield 2 Servings)

1)  2 each Egg Yolks
2)  2 tsp. Sugar - Granulated
3)  1 1/2 oz. Marsala

1)  Beat egg yolks and sugar in zabaglione
      pan, cold.
2)  When some volume is reached, add Marsala
      and beat a little more.
3)  Apply to heat keeping sides of pan clean so
      as not to scramble.
4)  When mixture has reached a ribbon-like
      texture, pour into champagne glasses.

1)  Lady Fingers may accompany this dish.
2)  May be poured over fruit.
3)  Grand Marnier or Kirschwasser can be
      poured in champagne glasses ahead of
4)  Marsala can be supplemented or substituted
      with a sweet white wine.

Easy Baking!!