"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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Eat Bar
2761 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, Virginia

Nathan Anda - Executive Chef

Bacon Wrapped Figs

1)   ½ lb. Calmyrna Figs (you can use any dried fig)
2)   1 cup Chicken Stock
3)   ¼ lb. Butter
4)   3 sprigs of Thyme
5)   Sliced Bacon - not thick cut and at room temperature
6)   Mascarpone Cheese - room temperature

1)   Set oven at 350 degrees.
2)   Cut the stems off figs.
3)   Melt the butter and combine with the chicken stock and thyme.
4)   Pour the liquid over the figs and bring up to a boil.
5)   Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes, or until they are plump.
6)   Remove the pot from heat and let the figs cool down in the liquid.
7)   Remove the figs from the liquid.  Donít throw it out though, it can be used
8)   Lay out a piece of bacon, place the fig stem side down and roll the bacon
       around the fig. You will have to rotate the fig in order for it to get completely
9)   Place the figs in a saute pan over medium heat (make sure you put them seem
       side down so they donít come unraveled).
10) Cook over medium heat until they are browned on all sides.
11) Place the pan in the oven and cook for 5 minutes.
12) Make a pool of the mascarpone cheese in the middle of the plate and place the
       figs on top.

Beet Risotto Fritter with Walnut Creme Fraiche

The Whole Fritter - Left
Inside the Fritter - Right

1)   Olive Oil
2)   ¼ cup of minced Onions
3)   2 cup Arborio Rice
4)   1 cup White Wine
5)   2 cups Beet Juice
6)   1 cup Water
7)   Parmesan Cheese
8)   Butter
9)   Parsley
10) Salt and Pepper
11) Flour, Egg, Bread Crumbs
12) 1 cup roasted Walnuts
13) 1 cup Crème Fraiche
14) Oil for frying

1)   Cook onion until its translucent.  Then add rice.
2)   Stir rice around so it is coated with the oil.  Ten add the wine.
3)   Cook the wine down until it is no longer seen.  Then add beet juice 1 cup at a
       time and stir.
4)   Continue adding the beet juice until the rice is tender.
5)   Fold in the butter and parmesan cheese, donít add to much butter because you
       want the rice to be sticky.
6)   Fold in the parsley and season the rice with salt and pepper, and pour the rice
       onto a baking dish to cool.
7)   When the rice is cooling, set up 3 different bowls, one each for flour, egg and
        bread crumbs.
8)   Form the rice into small balls about 2 ounces.
9)   In order, place a ball in the flour and roll it around, shake off excess flour and
       then place it in the egg mixture, roll it around and then place in the bread crumbs.
10) Continue this until there is no more rice to roll into fritters.
11) Chop the walnuts until they are chunky, fold in crème fraiche.
12) Heat oil in a deep sauce pot.  Be sure not to put too much oil in the pot because
       it will overflow.  Heat upto 300 degrees.
13) Place a couple of the fritters in the oil and fry until they are crispy and cooked
       through (about 2 minutes), season with salt when the fritters are taken out of the
14) Put dollops of the crème fraiche around a plate and place a fritter on top.

In the Studio Kitchen with Executive Chef
Nathan Anda (left) and Lindsey Gustin (right)

Good Eating!!!