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Ho's Dynasty Restaurant
6003-E Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia 22314

 Andy Ho - Owner

Thai Basil Chicken

1)   Thai Basil Leaves,
2)   White Meat Chicken - sliced
3)   White Onion
4)   Bamboo Shoot
5)   Ginger Root
6)   1 tsp. Soybean Cooking Oil
7)   1 tsp. Cooking Wine
8)   1 tsp. Oyster Sauce
9)   1 tsp. Soy Sauce
10) 1/2 tsp. Salt

1)   Heat wok until very hot.
2)   Add oil.  Then add the white onion...bamboo shoot and ginger root. Cook until
3)   Boil the chicken until done.
4)   Add the cooked chicken to the other cooked ingredients.
5)   Add the cooking wine...oyster sauce...salt and Thai Basil leaves at the end.  Cook
       for 30 seconds or until done.

Golden Cups

The Golden Cups and the Filling
1)   Red Pepper
2)   Yellow Pepper
3)   Orange Pepper
4)   Cucumber
5)   Celery
6)   White Meat Chicken
7)   Wonton Wrappers
8)   The Sauce (see recipe below)

1)   Chop the first 5 ingredients into bite sized chunks.  Then combine the ingredients
       into a small saucepan.
2)   Cook the white meat chicken in boiling water until done.  Cut into small chunks
       and add to the other ingredients.
3)   Deep fry the wonton wrappers and shape them into a cup.
4)   Place the other ingredients into the wonton cups.
5)   Pour the sauce over the top.

The Sauce (3 cups worth...enough to cover the chopped vegetables)
1)   2-4 Thai Fingerpepper
2)   4 cloves pickled Garlic
3)   2 oz. Fish Sauce
4)   2 oz. Soybean Sauce
5)   5 oz. Sugar
6)   3 oz. Sherrywine Vinegar
7)   2 oz. Water
8)   1 dash of Worcestershire
9)   3 tsp. Corn Starch

1)   Mix all the ingredients together.

The Entrance to the Ho's Dynasty
Restaurant in Burke Virginia

Good Eating!!!