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Willard InterContinental
Washington D.C.

1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20004-1010

Daniel Kenney - Executive Chef

Heirloom Tomato and Warm Maine Lobster Salad
with Toasted Brioche Croutons...Garden
Basil...and Banyuls Vinaigrette

(Two Portions)
1)   One 1 1/2 lb. Lobster
2)   4 Heirloom Tomatoes (Green Zebra, Brandy Wine, Ugli, Yellow Gold
3)   6 leaves of fresh Basil
4)   2 slices Brioche Bread
5)   Sea Salt
6)   Cracked Pepper
7)   1 tbs. Banyuls Vinegar
8)   4 tbs. Ligurian Olive Oil
9)   1 Shallot
10) 1 tbs. whole Butter

1)   Begin by boiling 3 gallons of heavily salted sater and then submerge the
       live lobster in the boiling water for 8 minutes.
2)   Then remove the lobster from the water and place in ice water to stop
       the cooking.
3)   When the lobster is cool, begin to remove the shell and reserve meat for
       plating the salad.
4)   Fine dice the shallot and add the vinegar.  Whisk and then slowly add 3
       tablespoons of the vinegar as well as the salt and pepper.
5)   Then slice the heirloom tomatoes into different shapes and place on the
6)   Season with fresh basil plus salt pepper and the olive oil.
7)   Dice the brioche bread into cubes and lightly toast in a saute pan with
       the melted butter.
8)   Place the lobster on the tomatoes and drizzle the remainder of the
       vinaigrette and also the croutons on top.
9)   Serve immediately.
10) A glass of Chardonnay goes great with this course, either as a dinner
       starter or lunch main course.

 Fennel Pollen Dusted Caramelized Sea Scallops
With Chive Oil...Native Sweet Corn
...and Fava Bean Succotash

(Two Portions)
1)   Four u-10 size Jumbo Sea Scallops - Dry Pack or Diver
2)   2 Ears Sweet Farm Stand Corn
3)   1/2 cup fresh Fava Beans
4)   2 each Green Onions
5)   2 oz. Apple Smoked Bacon
6)   2 oz. fresh Cream
7)   1 bunch fresh Chives
8)   1/2 cup Ligurian Olive Oil
9)   Sea Salt
10) Cracked Pepper
11) 2 tbs. Micro Greens
12) 1 pinch Fennel Pollen
13) 1 Ripe Tomato - diced

1)   Begin by peeling the husk from the sweet corn...then season with olive oil,
       salt and the pepper.  Place the corn on a grill and lightly cook on all sides.
       Then remove all the corn kernels from the cob with a sharp knife.
2)   Take the cleaned corn cobs and place them in a sauce pot with the heavy
       cream and begin to slowly heat.  Infusing the corn flavor into the cream...
       slowly heat for about 20 minutes...then remove the cobs and add the
       shucked corn, sliced green onions and cleaned fava beans.  Let sit in a
       warm area of the stove until ready to plate.
3)   Season the scallops with salt, pepper and fennel pollen.  Then bring a saute
       pan to high heat.  Add the olive oil and begin to sea the scallops on both
       sides until golden brown flesh and warm in the middle.  Take the scallops
       out of the pan and then add the diced bacon.  Saute briefly until lightly
       rendered.  Then add the corn cream mixture to the saute pan with the
       bacon.  Then plate with the scallops.
4)   Using a blender...add the chives olive oil and salt and then let run on high
       speed until a bright green chive oil is infused.  Strain thru cheese cloth and
       drizzle on the scallops and succotash.
5)   Garnish with micro greens and serve with the diced tomato on top.

In the Studio Kitchen
Daniel Kenney - Left
Lindsey Gustin - Right

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