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Glen Walden - CEC

Senior Instructor - Stratford College
Falls Church, Virginia

 Grand Marnier Souffle

1) Butter as needed
2) Sugar as needed
3) 4 oz. Cake Flour
4) 4 oz. Sugar
5) 2 cups Milk
6) 6 Eggs
7) 1 oz. Grand Marnier

1)  Prepare ramekins by buttering and coating with sugar.
2)  Sift the flour and sugar together in a medium S/S bowl.
3)  Separate the egg yolks and egg whites.
4)  Mix 3 of the egg yolks with 1/2 cup of the milk in a
      small S/S bowl.
5)  Add the milk and egg yolk mixture to the flour and
      sugar mixture.
6)  Whisk until completely smooth.
7)  Scald the remaining milk.
8)  Temper the hot milk into the egg and flour mixture,
      whisk until smooth.
9)  Pour the mixture back into the saucepan.
10)Stir constantly with a wooden spoon over high heat
      until the mixture thickens.
11)As it thickens, the mixture will go through a lumpy
12)Increase the speed of your stirring and it will smooth
      out and thicken just before coming to a boil.
13)Once the pastry cream has come to a boil, remove it
      from the heat.
14)Pour the pastry cream into a medium S/S bowl.
15)Add the remaining 3 egg yolks and Grand Marnier.
16)Whip the 6 egg whites to medium stiff peak.
17)Fold the whipped egg whites in 1/3 additions into
      the pastry cream.
18)Fill the prepared ramekins, level the tops.
19)Bake 375 deg f. convection until deep brown and

Creme Anglaise
(Goes inside the Grand Marnier Souffle)

1) 8 oz. Half and Half
2) 1/2 cup Sugar
3) 6 Egg Yolks
4) 1 tsp. Vanilla

1) Mix the half and half, sugar, and egg yolks in a
     sauce pan.
2) Cook the custard while stirring constantly.
3) Continue cooking until nappe consistency.
4) Be careful not to over-cook or the sauce will
5) Strain through chinoise.
6) Cool IMMEDIATELY over an ice bath.
7) Refrigerate.

Souffle and Painted Chocolate Photo


Easy baking!!