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Jamie Stachowski - Executive Chef

Seared Diver Scallops

Ingredients for another version of the Scallops:
(4 Servings)
1)   2 lbs Diver Scallops (V-10s, large)
2)   5 Ears of Corn (Shucked
3)   1 cup Cream
4)   1 cup Half & half
5)   1 tbs. chopped Shallots
6)   1# Mitaki (hen of the woods mushrooms) or other wild mushroom
7)   Oil for sauté (something light)
8)   Salt and Pepper
9)   1 cup Demi glace

1)   For creamed corn: In small sauce pot add a little oil over medium heat
       sweat shallots. Add corn, crème and half&half. Simmer till liquid is
       absorbed over low heat. Season and set aside.
2)   In a saute pan over medium-high heat add oil and mushrooms and saute
       until tender. Then season scallops and sear rare over high heat for 3-4
       minutes each side. Note be sure to keep pan over flame when working
       with scallops or turning them. You want the pan to stay hot.
3)   Spoon cream corn in center of bowl. Place four scallops around corn.
       Top with sautéed mushrooms. Tadelly demi glace over mushrooms.
       The meat sauce works very well with the diver scallops.
4)   Note: Always be sure to use nonpreservative. No additive scallops- the
       taste and texture is completely different.

Paupiette of Lamb Shank
and Lamb Tongue

1)   2 ea. Braised Lamb Shank
2)   2 ea. Lamp Tongue (braised with the shank)
3)   2 ea. Fennel bulb (also braised with the shank)
4)   small Quantity of Crepinette (caul fat) for wrapping Paupiette
5)   2 cup Instant Cous-Cous
6)   1 cup Braising liquid for Cous-Cous
7)   4 ea. Artichokes (Fresh is best or canned) sliced thinly
8)   pinch of Saffron
9)   Salt and Pepper

1)   Using classic Bouquet-garni and searing of the shanks, braise along with
       tongue and quartered fennel bulb. Add saffron. Roast 1 hr, 30 min until
       tender in a 375 degree oven. Use a cover so as not to scorch top. Cool.
2)   While this is cooling prepare cous-cous. Follow directions for instant
       cous-cous substituting braising liquid. Add artichokes. Season and set aside.
3)   Back to the lamb (the fun part). With your hands, separate the meat from the
       bone. Set aside. Peel outer skin from lamb tongue and slice in half. Add
       retseive fennel. Lay out crepinette. Then form four balls of lamb, tongue and
       fennel. Wrap each with the caul fat, no more than two layers. Roast in oven
       15-20 minutes at 350-375 degrees F.
4)   To serve, reduce and strain left over braising liquid (and add white raisins for
       a Mediterranean tilt).  Divide cous-cous in four bowls. Place paupiette on top
       and spoon sauce around.

Good Eating!!!