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Antonio Burrell - Executive Chef

Celery Root Bisque with Truffle Oil

1)   3 pieces Celery Root with tops, peeled and diced, reserve tops for garnish.
2)   1 medium Yellow Onion, diced
3)   3 cloves Garlic, crushed
4)   1 Bay Leaf
5)   1 sprig Thyme
6)   1 cup White Wine
7)   1 qt. Vegetable Stock or Chicken Stock
8)   1 qt. Heavy Cream
9)   Salt and Pepper to taste.
10) 1 tbs. Butter

1)   Place butter in a cold pot.
2)   Sweat onions, garlic and celery root in the pot over medium heat, slowly
        so there is no carmelization.
3)   Add bay leaf and thyme and season with a little bit of salt and pepper.
4)   Add wine and cook until almost all of the wine is evaporated.
5)   Add stock and cook until vegetables are tender.
6)   Add cream and bring to a boil.
7)   Remove from heat and place contents into a blender.  (You may have to do
       several batches.)  Puree till very smooth.
8)   Pour into a soup terrine and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.
9)   Garnish with chiffonade (finely shredded) of celery root leaves tossed with
        truffle oil.
10) Non Vegetarian Variation: This soup can also be served with Fried Oysters
       and caviar.

Delicata Squash, Country Ham,
Caramelized Onion and Ruccola Risotto

1)   1 cup Arborio Rice
2)   1 cup Brunoise (finely diced or shredded) Delicata Squash
3)   1 cup brunoise (finely diced or shredded) seared Country Ham,
4)   1 cup diced Yellow Onion
5)   1 cup White Wine
6)   2 1/2 cups Vegetable Stock - hot
7)   1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
8)   2 tbs. Butter
9)   Salt and Pepper as desired
10) 1 cup washed Ruccola (wild, spiky Arugula)
11) 1 tsp. Cooking Oil

1)   Place pan on high heat and heat 1 tsp oil.
2)   Add onions and cook till caramelized.
3)   Reduce heat and add rice and coat evenly with the melting butter.
4)   Add the squash and the white wine.
5)   Cook over medium heat until the wine evaporates.
6)   Add cup of hot stock at a time to rice and allow to evaporate completely
       before adding the next addition. During this time you must constantly
       stir the rice to ensure that it becomes a creamy finished product.
7)   When rice is slightly al dente and creamy, add parmesan to taste and the
8)   Finish the risotto with the ruccola and salt and pepper, be advised the ham
       is salty so be careful when you season the rice.
9)  Stir in a little butter and serve while hot.

Seared Sea Scallops with
Wild Mushrooms

1)   3 Scallops per person
2)   1 cup Wild Mushrooms per person (Hen o' Woods, Chantrelle, Lobster etc.)
3)   1 cup Fingerling Potato slices - blanched, per person
4)   1 cup Cream
5)   1 sprig Thyme - chopped
6)   Butter as needed
7)   1 tsp. minced Shallots
8)   1 tsp. minced Garlic
9)   Salt and Pepper as needed
10) 1 tsp. cooking Oil

1)   Place a pan on high heat and get very hot.
2)   Season scallops with salt and pepper.
3)   Place a tsp. of oil in the hot pan and add the scallops.
4)   Cook the scallops on the first side till they are golden brown and
       approximately half way cooked.
5)   Flip the scallops over and add a pinch of butter to the pan.
6)   Baste the scallops with the butter as they cook for about 45 seconds on the
       second side.
7)   Remove from heat and prepare the mushrooms.
8)   Place a second pan on the heat and add a pinch of butter.
9)   Toast the shallots and garlic and then add the mushrooms and quickly sear
       until soft.
10) Add the blanched fingerling potatoes and the cream.
11) Cook until the cream is nape.
12) Add the thyme and season.
13) Place on a plate and top with the scallops.

The Banana-Bread Pudding
Desert at Gabriel

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