"Easy Baking"

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Mark Ramsdell - Director of Pastry
L`Academie de Cuisine
Bethesda, Maryland



1)  4 egg whites, room temperatures
2)  4 egg yolks, room temperature
3)  3 ounces all-purpose flour, or cake flour
4)  4 ounces sugar
5)  vanilla
6)  grated rind of 1/2 lemon, optional
7)  pinch of salt

1) With a whisk, whip the yolks with 2 ounces sugar.  Add
vanilla and lemon rind.  Whisk until a very light lemon color,
almost white.
2) Whip the egg whites until they begin to hold their shape.
Slowly add the other 2 ounces of sugar, about 1 tablespoon
at at time.  Beat until stiff but not "dry".
3) Fold yolk mixture into meringue.
4) Fold flour into egg yolk/meringue mixture.
5) Pour into a sheet pan with the sides greased, bottom greased,
and parchment paper on the bottom.  Spread the batter with a
palette knife as even as possible.  This batter will NOT
"even out" during baking.
6) Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven about 8-10 minutes,
until lightly browned.
7) Let cake cook in the pan.  Remove from pan.  Peel back
paper.  Sprinkle paper with a little sugar.  Put cake top down
on sugared paper.
8) Spread with buttercream or other filling and begin to roll,
by first folding in the edge. Roll tightly.
9) Finish outside with buttercream, whipped cream, powdered
sugar, or ganache.

 Creme au Beurre

1) 4 eggs
2) 16 ounces sugar
3) 1 tablespoon corn syrup
4) Water
5) 20 ounces unsalted butter, at room temperature.
6) Vanilla

1) Put eggs in bowl of electric mixer.  Blend briefly to combine.
2) Add water to sugar in a saucepan.  Use your fingers to make
sure than all of the sugar is wet.  Wash down sides of saucepan
with clean water, using your hands, to make sure that all sugar
crystals are off the side of the saucepan.
3) Add the corn syrup then place (covered) over high heat.
Remove cover when the mixture comes to a full boil.  Cook the
sugar, without stirring, until it is slightly past of the soft ball
stage (slightly past 240 degrees on a candy thermometer).
4) Turn mixer on high speed and slowly add the hot syrup down
the inside wall of the mixing bowl.  Continue to beat on high speed
until the mixture begins to cool. This step may require as much as
10 minutes.
5) While the mixture is beating, cut the butter into tablespoon-size
pieces.  When the egg/sugar mixture is smooth, fluffy, and the
bottom of the bowl is barely warm, lower the speed and add the
butter, about a handful at a time.  Beat until smooth and glossy.
6) If the buttercream separates, continue beating, and it should
come back together again.
7) When the buttercream is the proper consistency, add the vanilla.
Other flavorings can be added, such as:
    a) 2-3 tablespoons liquor or liqueur (rum, Grand Marnier,
       Kirsch, Kahlua, Tia Maria, Creme de Menthe, Amaretto, etc.)
    b) ganache
   c) coffee paste made with 1 1/2-2 tablespoons instant expresso
   d) 1/2 cup hazelnut paste
   e) 1 cup lemon cream
8) Use the buttercream at once or refrigerate until needed.  To bring
back to proper temperature after refrigeration, place in a mixing
bowl over a saucepan of simmering water for just a few seconds at
at time, stirring continuously.  This can be repeated if necessary,
until it is the proper consistency to beat.

Lemon Cream or Lemon Curd

1) 4 lemons, juice and rind
2) 4 eggs
3) 10 ounces sugar
4) 8 ounces butter, cubed.

1) In a medium-size saucepan, put lemon juice and rind.  Beat in
the eggs with a whisk. Beat in the sugar,  Add the butter.
2) Bring to a full boil over medium heat, scraping the bottom and
sides carefully with a whisk to avoid scorching.
3) Strain through a fine sieve.
4) Cool. Store in refrigerator for several weeks.

1) Lemon Roulade filling
2) Petits Fours
3) Crepes
4) Flavor buttercream
5) Tarts

Easy baking!!