"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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1763 Inn and Restaurant
(A historic inn and restaurant with
fine German gourmet dishes)
Upperville, Virginia
(540) 592-3848

Uta Kirchner - Owner

Rouladen...Red Cabbage...and Spaetzel


Ingredients and Preparation:
1)   Use top round (4 slices) or sliced Steak.
2)   Mustard is to be spread on meat.
3)   Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper.
4)   Place spear of a Pickle, Onion and slice of Bacon on meat.
5)   Roll the meat and hold its shape with a tooth pick.
6)   Brown in pan, deglaze, and simmer about 3/4 of an hour
       over low heat.
7)  Add 1 cup of Red Wine and cook down.
8)  Thicken Gravy and season to taste.

Red Cabbage

Ingredients and Preparation:
1)   Cut out core and shred 1 head of quartered red Cabbage.
2)   Place 2 slices of Bacon in a pan and brown.
3)   Add shredded Cabbage.
4)   Add one green Apple.
5)   Add 3/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar.
6)   Add 1 tsp. Salt.
7)   Add 1/4 cup Sugar.
8)   Add 1/2 cup Lemon Juice.
9)   Simmer with 1/4 cup Water, cover and cool until tender.
10)  Some like it sweet, some like it sour, season to your


Ingredients and Preparation:
1)   Blend six Eggs and mix with 2 cups of Flour.
2)   Add 1/2 cup Milk.
3)   Add a pinch of Nutmeg.
4)   Add a pinch of Salt.
5)   Blend to a thick paste and shred through a spaetzel
       machine into hot water.
6)   Bring to a boil, scoop out, and blanch in ice cold water.
7)   Drain.
8)   Heat in a frying pan with Butter until golden brown.
       Salt to taste.

Black Forest Cake

Ingredients and Preparation:
1)   Prepare your favorite Chocolate Cake.
2)   Slice into three slices.
3)   Boil Bing Cherries, sweeten, then add 1/4 cup Sugar and
       thicken with Corn Starch.  Let cool.
4)   Whip a quart of fresh heavy Cream until stiff.
5)   On the bottom layer of the cake...sprinkle Kirschwasser
       on it and spread cool cherries on bottom half.
6)   Place next layer on the bottom one.  Spread whip cream
       over the second layer.
7)   Add the third layer and cover total cake with fresh whip
       cream from the top down without envolving cake crumbs.
8)   Add decoration with pastry bag and sprinkle shredded
       chocolate on top.

Good Eating!!!