"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

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The Bailiwick Inn

An elegant historic inn located in
Old Town Fairfax

4023 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Chef Jeff Prather

Mesclun Green Salad with
Lobster Medallions

1)  Mesclun Greens
2)  European Cucumber
3)  Lobster tail - cooked
4)  Rosemary Sprig
5)  Truffle Oil (small amount)
6)  Balsamic Vinegarette
7)  Fresh Chives
8)  Parmesan Cheese

1)  Roll up a thin slice of  European cucumber and hold together
      with a rosemary sprig.
2)  Put the musclum greens in the middle. Lighty coat
      with the balsamic vinegarette.
3)  Slice the lobster 1/4 inch thick and place around
      the plate.
4)  Sprinkle the truffle oil on the ingedients.
5)  Put Parmesan Cheese on top of salad.
6)  Add Fresh Chives.

Grill Loin Chop of Elk
1)  Two Elk Chops
2)  Touch of Olive Oil
3)  Salt and Pepper to taste

1)  Salt and Pepper Elk chop on both sides.
2)  Rub olive oil on each side of chop.
3)  Grill in hot grill pan on both sides until
4)  Finish off in a 350 degree oven for 15-20
5)  Serve with baby carrots and Dauphinoise
      potatoes (see recipe below)

Ingredients for the Dauphinoise Potatoes:
1)   8-10 Potatoes, peeled and sliced on Mandolin
2)   Salt and Pepper and Nutmeg
3)   6 cloves of Garlic
4)   1 Egg
5)   3/4 qt. Heavy Cream

Preparation for the Dauphinoise Potatoes:
1)   Slice potatoes; layer in greased hotel 1/2 pan.
2)   Combine cream, seasoning, egg and crushed
3)   Pour cream mixture over top of potatoes (ensure
       even coating throughout pan).
4)   Bake at 325 deg f. until almost done; add more
       cream to top and return over to brown.
5)   Cool completely (preferably 24 hours).
6)   Use ring mold to portion (should get 12 portions
       from 1/2 hotel pan).
7)   At service, place portion on greased sizzler platter
       and reheat in oven.

Espresso Mousse with
Creme Anglaise

Ingredients for the Chocolate Mousse:
1)   14 oz. Bittersweet Chocolate
2)   12 Egg Yolks
3)   9 oz. Sugar
4)   1 1/5 pint Heavy Whipping Cream

Preparation for the Chocolate Mousse:
1)   Melt chocolate and set aside.
2)   Whip yolks and sugar.  Whisk to ribbon.
3)   Whip cream until it forms soft peaks.
4)   Fold chocolate into whipped cream.  Fold the
       yolk and sugar mix into the chocolate mix.
5)   Refrigerate.

Ingredients for the Cream Anglaise:
1)   9 oz. Sugar
2)   12 Egg Yolks
3)   36 oz. Milk
4)   2 Vanilla Beans

Preparation for the Cream Anglaise:
1)   Bring milk and split vanilla bean to a simmer.
2)   Blend sugar with egg yolks.
3)   Temper milk into yolk/sugar mixture.
4)   Heat over low flame, stirring continuously,
       until it coats the back of a spoon.
5)   Chill in ice bath until cool.

Final Preparation:
1)   Put mousse in a pastry bag and squeeze into
       chocolate molded cups.
2)   Put whipped cream on top sprinkled with
       choco powder. Add chocolate coffee beans.
3)   Add a wafer cookie.
4)   Put cream anglaise around plate.