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The Rail Stop

Chef/Owner Thomas Kee
6478 Main St.
The Plains, Va. 20198

Lindsey Gustin and Thomas Kee

Lasagne Appetizer
(4 Servings)

1)   1 tbs. Olive Oil
2)   2 cloves Garlic, whole
3)   1 tbs. Basil, chopped
4)   1 tbs. Parsley, chopped
5)   2 (each) Portobello Mushrooms, remove skin
       and gills; cut into medium dice
6)   3-4 oz. Goat Cheese (crumbled)
7)   1/2 cup White Wine
8)   1/2 cup Chicken Stock
9)   2 oz. Tomato Sauce
10) 2 oz. Whole Butter
11) 4 each thin Lasagne Noodle (approx. 3" by 6")

1)   Take the tuna fillet and saute on both sides in
       olive oil until medium to medium rare in
2)   While tuna is cooking, take tomato and slice
       into 4 equal wedges.  Set aside.
3)   Take the potato (which has been cooked
       previously) and cut into quarters.
4)   In a bowl, mix field greens, spinach and
       vinaigrette (see recipe below) and stir until
       greens and spinach are completely coated.
5)   Once done with "salad", plate and place
       tomato wedges and potatoes, respectively,
       around the salad mixture.  Remove the tuna
       from the pan and place on top.

1)   Heat olive oil in a sauce pan until hot, add
       garlic cloves and saute 3 minutes.
2)   Add herbs.  Stir, add mushrooms and cook
       over medium heat about 5 minutes, stirring
       so it does not burn.
3)   Add white wind, reduce by 1/2, add chicken
       stock.  Reduce by 1/2.  Add tomato sauce.
       Let heat and add butter.  Mix until slightly
       creamy.  Season with salt and pepper.
4)   Cook noodle until done.  Spoon a little mushroom
       mix onto the middle of the place.  Place noodle
       just over edge of mushrooms and to the edge of
       the plate.  Add another spoon of mushrooms and
       some goat cheese, and drape the noodle back over.
       Repeat again until the noodle is a neat stack.
       Spoon the rest over the top and around the stack
       for garnish.  Garnish with a little chopped parsley.
       You may place it in a hot oven for a few minutes
       to ensure that is heated through.

Arugula Salad
(4 Servings)

1)   1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2)   2 tbs. Lemon Juice
3)   1 1/2 tsp. Salt
4)   1/2 tsp. Pepper
5)   Arugula (approx. 1 bunch per order)
6)   1/4" sliced Red Onion (1 slice per order)
7)   Roasted Red Pepper (cleaned and cut into
       strips) 1/4 pepper per order
8)   1 Portobello Mushroom, remove skin and
       gills; cut into medium dice
9)   Black pitted Olives (approx. 8-10 each
       per order)
10) Parmesan Cheese Chunk

1)   Mix olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper,
       well.  You may place in a squeeze bottle for
       better handling.
2)   Grill or saute sliced onion, keeping it in one
       piece, until soft.
3)   Saute portobello mushrooms.
4)   Place arugula in a mixing bowl and squirt a
       little of the oil-lemon juice mix and toss with
       a pair of tongs until just coated.
5)   Use the tongs to place the greens on a plate.
       Take the onion and separate the rings and
       spread around the top of the salad and
6)   Garnish with the roasted peppers and black
7)   Take the chunk of parmesan and with a peeler,
       shave the parmesan over the top.

Blueberry Cobler - Left
Table Setting at the Railstop - Right

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