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Chef de Cuisine - Jacques Van Staden

Lindsey Gustin and Chef Jacques Van Staden

Tuna Tartar with a Kaffir
Lime and Melon Reduction

Ingredients for Tuna per one serving :
1)  1/2 cup Tuna #1 - Dice cubes
2)  1/2 tsp. Red Onion - Brunoise
3)  1/2 pc. Kaffir Leaves - Julienne
4)  1 tsp. Chives - Chopped
5)  1 tsp. Lemon Olive Oil
6)  1 tsp. Tomato - Brunoise
7)  1 tsp. Hazelnut Oil
8)  1/2 tsp. Caper - chopped
9)  1 tbl. Aloo Bijua
10)Salt and Pepper to taste

Ingredients for Sauce:
1)  4 pc. Honey Dew
2)  2 pc Cantaloupe
3)  1 pc. Vanilla pod and Seeds
4)  1 qt. Orange Juice
5)  3 pc. Lemon Juice

Method for Tuna:
1)  In one bowl place the tuna and the lemon oil with
      salt and pepper and mix well.
2)  In another bowl place the rest of the ingredients
      with the lemon juice, mix well and set aside.

Method for the Sauce:
1)  Peel and cube the melons and pass through a juicer
      into a pot.
2)  Add the rest of the ingredients to the pot, place on
      stove, and reduce to syrup consistency.
3)  Remove and strain sauce through a cheesecloth, set
      aside in another container.
4)  Place the sauce in the refrigerator and keep cold.

To Plate:
1)  Place a ring mold in the center of the plate and place
      half of the tuna on the bottom of the ring.
2)  Then place the vegetable mixture in the middle and
      place the other half of the tuna on top.
3)  Remove the ring mold and then place some of the
      baby salad on top of the tuna.
4)  Spoon the sauce around the tuna and then serve.

Seafood Nage with
Lemon and Fennel

Ingredients for Seafood:
1)  2 pc. Mussels - in shell
2)  4 pc. Cockles - in shell
3)  1 pc. Razor Clams - in shell
4)  1 pc. Scallop - out shell
5)  1 pc. Shrimp - cleaned deveined
6)  1 pc. Cuttle Fish
7)  2 pc. Oyster - out shell

Ingredients for Broth:
1)  1 cup Blended Oil
2)  8 each shallots - chopped
3)  6 cloves Garlic - chopped
4)  20 pc. Mussels
5)  5 pc. Lemon Grass - chopped
6)  1 cup Ginger - chopped
7)  1 cup Tomato Paste
8)  6 pc. Kaffir Leaves
9) Pinch Saffron Threads
10)1 btl. White Wind
11)4 can Clam Juice
12)2 qt. Fish Stock
13)1 can Coconut Milk
14)2 sprig Thyme Whole

Ingredients for Papad:
1)  8 cups Vegetable Oil
2)  20 each Papads
3)  Salt and Pepper to taste

Ingredients for Fennel:
1)  10 pc. Baby Fennel - cut in four
2)  1/2 lb. Butter
3)  Cover - Fish Stock
4)  Salt and Pepper to taste

1)  Pinch Lemon Confit - julienne
2)  Pinch Kaffir Leaves - cut very thin
3)  3 pc. Oven roasted Tomato
4)  1 pc. Fried Papad with Lobster Roe
5)  Chervil - picked leaves

Method for Cooking Seafood:
1)  Season scallop and shrimp, start to saute in a hot
2)  In another hot casserole, add the oil, shallots and
      butter, then add the mussels, cockles, and clams.
      Then add the fish stock and cover the casserole
      and steam until open.
3)  When open, add the shucked oysters, do not let the
      liquid boil, and just keep warm on the side.
4)  At the last minute, season the cuttlefish and place
      on the grill and cook until done.

Method for the Sauce:
1)  In a casserole, sweat the shallots, garlic, lemon grass,
      ginger, mussels, kaffir leaves, and saffron until
      tender, no color.
2)  Then add the white wine and reduce to almost dry...
      followed by the fish stock, coconut milk and thyme.
3)  Simmer the sauce for about 20 minutes and strain
      through a chinoise into assigned container and set

Method for the Papads:
1)  Heat vegetable oil in a casserole and fry the papads,
      so it puffs and expands, when expanded, remove and
      place in the assigned container.
2)  Season with salt and pepper.

1)  Strain the juice from the mussels and clams into the
      casserole with the sauce and take the sauce and zap
      with blender.
2)  Spoon the sauce in the plate and then start placing
      the seafood on the plate, scallop in the center with all
      the shellfish and mollusk around.
3)  Then sprinkle with a few julienne pieces of the kaffir
      leaves and the fennel, also place three pieces of the
      tomato around the plate and sprinkle the papad with
      the lobster roe and place in center with the scallop.
4)  Place some of the baby chervil on top of the scallop
      and sprinkle with lemon oil and rock salt.
5)  Then serve to the customer.

Chef Jacques Van Staden's
Strawberry Chocolate Jaffle

Good Eating!!!