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1990 M. St. NW
Washington, D.C.
1 - (202) - 659 - 1990

Jeff Buben - Chef/Owner

Chef Jeff Buben, 1999 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef of the Mid-Atlantic, describes his cooking as "modern American"heavily influenced by his classic culinary training in French cuisine. Voted "Chef of the Year" by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington.

Baked Vidalia Onion

1)  1 Vidalia Onion
2)  2 tbs. Butter
3)  Salt to taste
4)  Pepper to taste
5)  1 tsp. Brown Sugar
6)  1 tsp. fresh Thyme
7)  1 Shallot
8)  Sherry Vinegar
9)  Balsamic Vinegar
10)Veal Glaze

Sauce Ingredients:
1)  2 Shiitake Mushrooms
2)  2 Crimini Mushrooms
3)  1 Slice diced Smithfield Ham
4)  1/2 Cup diced Tomato
5)  1 tsp. Capers
6)  1 tsp. fresh Chives
7)  1 Chopped Shallot

1)  Take the Vidalia Onion and score it around the top one
      inch deep.
2)  Peel the skin off the onion but leave the skin on the bottom
      for preparation.
3)  Cut off the top of the onion to make it flat.
4)  Place the onion on a 12 inch square of aluminum foil.
5)  Put 2 tablespoons butter on the foil.
6)  Add a little salt and pepper to the butter, plus the brown sugar,
      fresh thyme, and the minced shallot.
7)  Place the onion on the foil, flat side down.
8)  Crump up foil around onion - leaving extra skin on the outside
      of the onion.
9)  Add a small amount of the sherry vinegar, the balsamic vinegar,
      and the veal glaze.
10 Bake in an oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Preparation for the Sauce:
1)  Saute (in butter) the Shiitake mushrooms and the Crimini
      mushrooms and cut into pieces.
2)  Add the other ingredients.
3)  Add juice of baked onion to sauce.
4)  Add some veal stock and sherry vinegar to make a sauce.

Final Preparation:
1)  Place finished sauce on a plate.
2)  Take the baked onion from the foil and place on the sauce.

Good Eating!!!