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  Pastry Chef Nicola Willis-Jones

Aussie Pie

1)   The Easy Rough Puff Pastry (see recipe below)
2)   3 oz. chopped Bacon
3)   4 oz. fine chopped Onion
4)   1 Garlic Clove - crushed and chopped
5)   1 lb, Ground Beef (85/15)
6)   3 Tablespoons Flour
7)   2 tablespoons Tomato Paste
8)   1 tsp. mixed Herbs (equal quantities \Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley)
9)   1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce (more to taste)
10) 1 cup Beef Stock
11) Salt and Pepper, dash of Sugar to taste

1)   On a medium heat saute the bacon for a minute or two.
2)   Add onions and garlic and cook, without color, for a couple of minutes.
3)   Add the beef and cook until broken up and brown.
4)   Stir in the flour followed by the tomato paste.
5)   Stir in beef stock quickly (to prevent tomato paste burning to pan).
6)   Add herbs and Worcestershire sauce.
7)   Stir and cook until thickened and flour taste gone.
8)   Season to taste.
9)   Cool.
10) This makes 1 x 9” pie or individual pies (number depends on size)
11) Individual pie foils are not readily available in stores (try online) but specialty cooking
       stores have metal pie pans or use muffin pans.
12) Set oven to 375⁰F.
13) Roll the pastry to no more than “ thick.
14) Establish how big you need to cut, using cookie cutters for individual pies (for muffin
       pans I use 4 3/8” and 3 1/8” for lid).
15) Line the pans and fill with the pie mix.
16) Wet the edge of the lid and place on top, sealing well.
17) Crimp the edges if desired, or press with a fork around the edge).
18) Brush with milk or egg wash, make a vent with a knife and bake 15 – 20 minutes for
       individual and 30 – 35 for a large one.

The Easy Rough Puff Pastry

This pastry is a cross between puff pastry and short crust pastry. Pasties need some flakiness
in their crust to help make them melt in your mouth. Puff pastry would crumble apart
when picked up so this is where rough puff pastry works best.

1)   1 lb. strong (Bread) Flour
2)   6 oz. Spectrum (100% organic pressed Palm Oil) or Shortening of your choice - chilled,
       grated using the large side on your grater, then frozen
3)   4 oz. unsalted Butter (or you can use all butter for a richer crust) - chilled, grated
       then frozen
4)   1 1/2 tsp. Salt
5)   8 oz. (approx.) Cold Water with 1 tsp. Lemon Juice or White Vinegar
6)   AIR
7)   COLD

This recipe is for making the pastry by hand but you can just as easily make it in a mixer using
a dough hook.

1)   Shortening and butter are frozen as this helps keep the pastry COLD.
2)   Sift the flour and salt into a bowl – this helps incorporate AIR.
3)   Lightly mix in the frozen grated shortening/butter and rub in a little but not completely.
4)   Add enough water to make a pastry that is not wet and sticky; it should be just mixed in
       and may not look pretty. The amount of water depends on brand of flour, age of flour,
       gluten content and humidity. Add a little more flour if too sticky or a little more water if
       too dry

5)   The pastry should not be ‘wet’ but may be a bit crumbly and may still look messy at this stage.
6)   Wrap in cling wrap and place in fridge (or a cool place) for half an hour.
7)   Place on a lightly floured surface and roll to about 12” x 6” rectangle. Pick the bottom edge up
       and fold a third of the way. Bring the top edge down over that and seal in any air that you may
       have trapped. Turn 90⁰, cover with cling rap and rest 25 minutes in a cool place (or fridge).
8)   Roll again and repeat folding.  With each fold the fat should be more incorporated into the
       pastry but it does not matter if it does not all get rolled in, as long as there are no big pieces
       poking out.
9)   The pastry should be about 9” x  4” after folding and rolling a little.
10) The pastry is now ready to use after it is rested again, for at least an hour.
11) If you would like a flakier crust then roll and fold a third time before resting for the hour. This
       is needed for the sausage rolls.

1)   Air is required to help make the pastry nice and light.
2)   Cold is required so the shortening/butter does not get too warm too soon and release its
       moisture. This will make the dough too slack. The moisture needs to be released in the
       oven so that it turns into steam and along with the trapped air makes layers in the pastry.
3)   Bread flour is required because of its higher gluten content which gives the pastry the
       ability to stretch.
4)   Resting is required to relax the gluten after it has been worked. Imagine it is a muscle that
       has worked hard – it contracts and becomes tight, but after a while resting it becomes
       relaxed. If you use the pastry too soon you can see it contracting, so be patient.

Sausage Rolls

1)   The Easy Rough Puff Pastry (see recipe above)  
2)   1 lb. ground Pork
3)   1 tsp. White Pepper - ground
4)   1 tsp. Salt
5)   tsp. rubbed Sage
6)   tsp. ground Nutmeg
7)   1/3 cup dry Breadcrumbs

1)   Set oven to 375⁰ F.
2)   Combine ingredients well.
3)   Divide equally into 3 (3 x 8 oz).
4)   Squish each 8 oz section together well to push out air.
5)   Roll until 18” long, keeping as even as possible.
6)   Divide the pastry into 3 longwise.
7)   Roll each piece to 5” wide by 18” long.
8)   Place sausage roll onto right side of pastry leaving 1” (left side if left handed).
9)   Carefully bring pastry over the top of the sausage and join the edges. Make sure they
       are sealed well.
10) Crimp down the edge, or use a fork.
11) With the back of the knife mark the top of the sausage roll, but do not cut through the
12) Cut to desired size, either into 4 or smaller for cocktail size.
13) Place on a tray, brush with eggwash and bake for 10 – 15 minutes depending on size.
14) Serve with mustard or ketchup.


Good Eating!!!