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The Aubergine Chef

Jason Shriner - The Aubergine Chef

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Ingredients for 1 Pie:
1)   1/4 oz. Granulated Gelatin
2)   14 oz. Heavy Cream
3)   14 oz. Sweetened Condensed Milk
4)   14 oz. Pumpkin Puree
5)   1/8 oz. Ground Nutmeg or Pumpkin Pie Spice
6)   12 oz Heavy cream (for topping)
7)   Vanilla Extract To Taste
8)   3/4 oz. Powdered Sugar
9)   Graham Cracker or Cookie Crust (see recipe below)

1)   Pour 6 ounces of heavy cream into a pot.
2)   Sprinkle the gelatin over the cream, stirring constantly with a fork, and allow to sit for
       at least 5 minutes.
3)   Place the pumpkin puree and sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl and mix
       together until completely combined.
4)   Add the spice and stir until completely combined.
5)   Place the pot with the gelatin on the stove and melt the gelatin over low to medium heat.
       All the gelatin must be melted but the cream must never boil. (If you’re unsure if the gelatin
       in completely melted pour the cream/gelatin mixture through a sieve to strain out any
6)   Pour the gelatin/cream mixture into the pumpkin mixture and stir until completely combined.
7)   Pour the remaining heavy cream into an electric mixer bowl and whip to soft to medium peaks
       (the softer your peaks the smoother your mousse, the stiffer your peaks the more firm the
       slice will be).
8)   Carefully, but thoroughly, fold the whipped cream into the pumpkin mixture. You may need to
       whisk in some of the whipped cream to make the pumpkin mixture firmer so you can actually
9)   Fill your pie crusts with the pumpkin mousse and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
10) Whip the final three ingredients together until they reach medium peaks.
11) Top or pipe the pumpkin mousse pies with the whipped cream.

12) Pies can be served immediately or refrigerated until ready to eat. Use within 5 days.

(The Graham Cracker or Cookie Crust - Enough to make 1 pie)
1)   6 oz. Graham Cracker Crumbs (Vanilla Wafer Crumbs, or Oreo Crumbs)
2)   2 oz. Melted Butter
3)   1/4 to 1 Egg Whites (optional)

1)   If necessary puree the cookies in a food processor to turn them into crumbs.
Place the crumbs in a bowl and add some of the butter. Using your hands mix until the
       crumbs are all wet. They should be damp and when squeezed should form a ball that
       holds its shape. It should not be wet and dripping and it should not be dry.
Egg whites will help make a stronger crust. If using, add them and mix well. Your
       crumbs should not be dripping wet – only add as much as necessary.
4)   Press the crumbs into a pie shell making sure to create a flat and even layer on the
       bottom and along the sides. Press down firmly to ensure there are no loose areas.
Bake the shells at 375 degrees F for about 5-8 minutes.
Allow to cool completely on wire racks before using. Double check the firmness of
       the shell by touching it. The shell should feel like a solid cookie and should not crumble

Apple Lattice Pie

Ingredients for One 9" Pie:
1)   1 lb. 13 oz. Whole Apples 1 lb. 7 oz Sliced Apples
2)   10 oz. Apple Cider
3)   3 oz. Granulated Sugar
4)   Pinch Salt
5)   1 oz. Cornstarch
6)   1/4 tsp. ground Cinnamon
7)   18 oz. Pie Dough (see recipe below)
8)   Egg wash As needed

1)   Prepare apples by peeling, dividing into quarters, coring, and then slicing.
2)   Place of the sugar in a pot with of the apple cider, cinnamon, and 2/3 of the
       sliced apples. Bring to just a boil.
3)   Take the remaining of the sugar and place it in a bowl with the cornstarch and
        salt (combine well) and then add of the apple cider and whisk all the lumps away.
4)   Whisk in cornstarch and bring to a second boil for 1-3 minutes, remove from heat
       and fold in the last 1/3 of the apple.
5)   Pour onto the plastic wrap on the sheet pan and spread thinly and cover with
       another piece to avoid creating a skin while allowing it to cool to room temperature.
       Place in fridge or freezer to help.
6)   Roll two pieces of pie dough, one to line a 9” pie tin, and the second 9” in diameter.
7)   Slice the 9” round pie dough into 10 strips of the dough ” thick.
8)   If the filling has reached room temperature, fill the pie and create a slight mound
       with about a half inch of the side crust showing – this will help adhere the lattice.
9)   Take the longest strip and lay it straight across the middle of the pie (12 to 6 o’clock).
10) Place the bands beside the longest strip ” away from the middle one and continue
       until 5 strips are placed.
11) Peel back strips 1, 3, and 5 past half the pie and lay a long strip across the equator of
       the pie (3 to 9 o’clock), place the peeled strips back how they were.
12) Peel back strips 2 and 4 about 1/3 of the pie and place a strip along there as well.
13) Repeat to the opposite side of the equator strip. Peel back strips 1, 3, and 5 about
       of the pie and lay a strip across, repeat on the opposite end of the pie.
14) Press the lattice and the crust of the pie together gently. Spin the pie around
       pressing the dough against the rim to slice the excess dough.
15) Egg wash the pie, then sprinkle granulated sugar on top (to make a crisp top) and
       bake between 400-425 degrees F until crust is browned and filling is bubbling.

(The Crust - Enough to make 2 pies)

1)   1 lb. 1 1/4 oz. All Purpose Flour
2)   11 1/2 oz. Unsalted Butter at room temperature
3)   1 tsp. Salt
4)   5 3/4 oz. Ice Cold Water
5)   1 1/2 oz. Sugar

1)   Combine dry ingredients and then place butter in the dry ingredients.
2)   Begin to work the shortening, by hand, into the flour. This is done through a process
       called the Rubbing method or Biscuit method. Take your hands and scoop up a handful
       of dry ingredients and shortening. Press your hands together, flattening the fat, and
       then rub one hand away from you. Do not continuously rub back and forth – this will
       cause the fat to melt resulting in undesirable qualities. Rotate the bowl 90 degrees.
       Stop rubbing once the dough has reach desired quality: Long flake – Half Dollar in size,
       Short Flake – Quarter in size, Mealy flake – Pea Size.
3)   Drizzle in some of the water into the flour and butter and toss like a salad while adding.
4)   Mix until mixture comes together.
5)   Slowly add more water as you need it. You may not need all the water depending on the
6)   Look for the bits and pieces of fat and flour on the bottom of the bowl beginning to
       become less prevalent. The dough should also become sticky and start to ball up,
       however it should not have a sloshy water sound.
7)   Shape the dough into a log. Divide into 4 equal pieces, weighing about 9 ounces each.
8)   Wrap in plastic and flatten into a circular disc (this will help with rolling out later).
9)   Store refrigerated for 2 days or frozen for 6 months.

Good Eating!!!