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Pastry Chef Caitlin Dysart

Summer Pudding

1)   2 loaves stale White Bread - thinly sliced
2)   1 tablespoon Gelatin Powder
3)   1 cups Water
4)   4 teaspoons Pectin Powder
5)   1 cup granulated Gugar
6)   2 cups Strawberries - hulled and sliced
7)   2 cups Raspberries
8)   2 cups Red Currants
9)   2 cups Blackberries
10) 2 cups Blueberries
11) Soft Butter for greasing ramekins
12) Sweetened Whipped Cream for serving

Brush the interior of 12 ramekins (about 3x1”) with soft butter. Place the ramekins on a flat cookie sheet.
Use a cookie cutter to cut rounds of the 24 rounds of the bread, the same diameter as the ramekin. 
3)   Place 12 circles in the bottom of the ramekins then cut strips of the bread to cover the sides. 
4)   Reserve the 12 remaining circles of bread; these will be the “lids” once the ramekins are filled.
Sprinkle the gelatin powder over cup of cold water and set aside to bloom. 
6)   Place the remaining water in a large saucepan and heat gently.
Combine the sugar and pectin, making sure to break up any lumps of pectin powder.  Add this to the water
       and stir to dissolve.
Add the fruit, and gently heat while stirring, just until the berries begin to release their juices. 
9)   Off the heat, strain the fruit mixture, making sure to reserve the juice.
Add the gelatin mixture to the juice, stir to combine.  Add the juice back to the fruit and stir.
Scoop the fruit mixture into the ramekins, making sure each one has plenty of juice.  Save any extra juice. 
12) Top the ramekins with the reserved bread circles.  
13) Wrap the cookie sheet in plastic wrap and top with another cookie sheet. 
14) Put a weight on top, such as a heavy book.  Place in the refrigerator overnight.
The next day, unmold the puddings by dipping the ramekin in warm water, then running a paring knife
       along the inside, without cutting the bread.  Invert the puddings onto a tray.  If there are any spots of
       the bread that aren’t fully soaked, brush them with the saved juice.
Serve the puddings chilled with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream.

Candied Lemon Zest
(A garnish for the Summer Pudding)

1)    1 1/2 cups Water
2)    1 cup Sugar
3)    Peel of 3 Lemons - thinly sliced

1)    Combine the water and sugar in a small sauce pot. 
2)    Bring to a boil, making sure all the sugar is dissolved.

2)    Add the sliced lemon zest, 
4)    Reduce the heat to maintain the syrup at a simmer. 
5)    Simmer the mixture until the zest is soft and translucent. 
6)    Cool and store, with the syrup, in an airtight container in the refrigerator. 

Easy Baking!!!