"Easy Baking"

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Fabrice Bendano - Executive Pastry Chef


1)   4 oz. Almond Powder
2)   4 oz. All Purpose Flour
3)   11 oz. Confectionary Sugar
4)   9 oz. Egg Whites
5)   9 oz. Brown Butter

1)   In the kitchen aid, whip the egg whites until it reaches a foamy texture.
2)   Meanwhile, mix and sift the almond flour, the all purpose flour and the
       confectionary sugar.
3)   Add it slowly into the foamy egg whites without stopping the mixer.
4)   During this time, you can slowly start to cook the butter in a saucepan until
       a light brown color.  Then strain it.
5)   Add slowly to the mix.
6)   Very important...rest in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
7)   Bake at 410 degrees in a convection oven.
8)   Serve warm, dusted with confectionary sugar.


1)   1 lb.+ 1 oz. Butter
2)   9 oz. Confectionary Sugar
3)   1 Egg
4)   1 lb + 5 oz. All Purpose Flour
5)   1 Vanilla Bean

1)   In a kitchen aid use the paddle.
2)   Mix the butter and confectionary sugar then add the egg, vanilla and flour.
3)   Make a log and roll it on sugar in the raw.
4)   Let it sit in the fridge for one hour.
5)   Cut portions of half inch and bake at 300 degrees until coloration.

Soft Almond Pineapple Cake

1)   10 oz. Almond Powder
2)   12 oz. Sugar
3)   1.5 oz. Cornstarch
4)   4 Eggs
5)   5 each Egg Yolks
6)   10 oz. Sour Cream
7)   Confectionary Sugar

1)   Mix all the ingredients.
2)   Pour the mix into a half mold.
3)   Sprinkle some confectionary sugar and bake 5 minutes at 320 degrees.
4)   Put some dice of pineapple and sprinkle some sugar in the raw and finish
       baking until coloration.
5)   Wait for the cake to cool down before you unmold it.

Easy Baking!!!