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Ann Chang - Pastry Chef/Culinary Instructor
EMAIL: ann.chang@mac.com

An Impromptu Tart

Tart Dough
1)   1 1/3 cups all-purpose Flour - 4 tbs. reserved for dusting
2)   8 tbs. (1 stick) Unsalted Butter - very cold - cut into cubes
3)   1/2 tsp. Salt
4)   2 tsp. Sugar
5)   2 to 4 tbs. Ice Water - very cold (as needed)

1)   In the bowl of a food processor, add all dry (sifting to remove lumps).
2)   Add  butter and pulse until sandy in texture.
3)   Slowly add water as needed until  dough is ready as indicated when it
       starts to gather and holds together when pressed.
4)   Remove dough and form into flattened round, avoiding any kneading.
       Wrap and  chill until needed.
5)   Unwrap dough and let sit until it comes to rollable temperature.
6)   Dust dough and pin with flour and roll from center outward, turning
       to maintain roundness.  Continue dusting to avoid any sticking and roll
       until 2 cm. in thickness, or preferred size.
7)   Place onto parchment paper lined sheet pan.
8)   Prick with fork or paring knife.
9)   Dough is now ready to be filled.

1)   2 1/2 pounds Ripe Peaches
2)   1 cup Blueberries
3)   2 tbs. Flour for dusting
4)   1 tsp. Cinnamon
5)   1/4 cup Sugar
6)   2 Egg Yolks with 1 tbs. Water whisked for Egg Wash
7)   Sugar for dusting

1)   Halve washed peaches to remove pits, cutting them into wedges (about
       1/2  inch at the thickest).
2)   Add blueberries and combine without crushing the fruit.
3)   Combine sugar, cinnamon and flour and sprinkle over fruit, trying to
       evenly dust.

Final Preparation
1)   Pour fruit into center of dough circle leaving 3 inches of an edge.   Spread
       evenly with blueberries distributed with the peaches.
2)   Lift edges of dough and fold over fruit.  A center circle of fruit will remain
3)   Continue to fold, overlapping slightly until all dough edges are brought in.
4)   Lightly brush dough with egg wash, being careful not to oversoak.
5)   Let sit to set before brushing again.
6)   After second washing, immediately sprinkle with sugar.
7)   Bake at 400 degrees until bottom of tart is golden brown.
8)   Cut slices (in similar fashion to pizza) and serve warm with ice cream.

Last Minute Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1)   2 cups Whipping or light Whipping Cream
2)   1 cup Half and Half
3)   3/4 cup Sugar
4)   1 tbs. Vanilla Bean Paste

1)   Combine all ingredients and stir until everything is dissolved ensuring no
       sugar crystals remain and ice cream base is smooth.
2)   Pour into an ice cream maker with a minimum of 1 quart capacity and
       churn according to that model's instructions, anywhere from 20 to 35
       minutes until ice cream has expanded and thickened.
3)   Remove from ice cream maker and place into sealable container to harden
       in the freezer.
4)   As this ice cream is of a no-cook nature, it is best eaten within 2 days of

In the Studio Kitchen with Ann Chang
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