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Kinkead's Colvin Run Tavern
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David Collier - Pastry Chef

Strawberry Financier

The Brown Butter Financier
1)   450 grams Powdered Sugar
2)   150 grams Almond Flour
3)   120 grams All Purpose Flour
4)   60 grams Cake Flour
5)   5 grams Baking Powder
6)   Pinch Salt
7)   450 grams Egg Whites
8)   360 Butter

1)  Place butter in a small saucepan over low heat and bring to simmer.
      Shake pan occassionally and continue cooking till butter has browned.
      Remove butter from pan and let cool.
2)  Combine all dry ingredients and sift.
3)  Place in mixer with whisk attachment and add whites.  Let whip on 2nd
      speed for approximately 4 minutes.
4)  Slowly add cooled butter to mixture then whip on high for 10 seconds to
      emulsify butter into mixture.  Whip on 2nd speed till thickened.
5)  Chill till needed.
6)  Before service, pipe mixture into prepared molds or pans and bake until
      golden brown (approximately 12 minutes in convection oven at 375F).

The Strawberry Ice Cream
1)   755 Grams Milk
2)   680 Grams Cream
3)   150 grams Non Fat Dry Milk Powder
4)   60 grams Trimoline invert sugar
5)   120 grams Glucose Powder
6)   300 grams Sugar
7)   12  grams Ice Cream Stabilizer
8)   900 grams Strawberry Puree

1)   Place milk, cream and trimoline in sauce pan and bring to simmer.
2)   Combine stabilizer and sugar.
3)   Add sugar mixture and milk powder to liquid.
3)   Add glucose powder.
4)   Bring back to simmer, remove from heat and chill
5)   When ready to spin ice cream, add strawberry puree and process according
       to your ice cream machines directions.

The Macerated Strawberries
1)   Strawberries
2)   Mint
3)   Orange Zest
4)   Simple Syrup (cooled)
5)   Fraise de Bois Puree

1)   Slice strawberries and place in bowl.
2)   Chiffonade mint leaves and add along with orange zest to bowl.
3)   Add simple syrup and fraise de bois puree to taste.
4)   Chill till needed.

Pastry Chef David Collier in the
studio kitchen with Lindsey Gustin

Good Eating!!!