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Bourbon Jerk Chicken Wings

1)   Jerk seasoning (wet or dry)
2)   Bourbon brown sugar dry rub
3)   Pepper
4)   Garlic (1 clove; or powder)
5)   Lemon wedge
6)   Lime wedge
7)   Bourbon brown sugar sauce (you can purchase at store or make combining bourbon,
       brown sugar, yellow mustard, and vinegar. Even ratios until you have desired taste.)

1)   Season chicken using all ingredients above (except the bourbon brown sugar sauce)
       in a bowl. Make sure chicken is coated with seasoning.
2)   If time permits, allow chicken to sit over night for 24 hours.
3)   Heat skillet with extra virgin olive oil (or whatever oil you like) and transfer chicken
       from bowl to skillet.
4)   Cook until chicken is golden brown or to your liking.
5)   Add Bourbon brown sugar sauce. Make sure all of the chicken has been coated with
       the sauce.
7)   Cook until sauce starts the reduction of the sugar. This will create a sticky coating
       on the wings.
8)   Plate and serve!

1)   Follow seasoning steps.
2)   Turn oven on 450 degrees.
3)   Cook wings until golden brown in oven.
4)   Add sauce and allow to bake for 15-20 minutes additional.
5)   Plate and serve!

Cajun Shrimp Three Cheese Pasta

1)   Shrimp
2)   Fettucine Pasta
3)   Grated mozzarella, Alfredo, Monterrey Jack cheese
4)   Heavy whipping cream
5)   Sour cream
6)   Cream cheese
7)   Salt
8)   Pepper
9)   Garlic powder
10) Cajun seasoning
11) Parsley
12) Half stick of butter
13) Lemon wedge

1)   Heat pan and add shrimp, cajun seasoning, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and
2)   Season a little heavy to prepare for the rest of the ingredients.
3)   Once shrimp is cooked, remove from heat.
4)   In the same pot add butter, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and grated
5)   Stir until cheese has melted and a creamy texture is created.
6)   Add two tablespoons of sour cream and fold into sauce.
7)   Add your shrimp back into pot and pasta noodles.
8)   Toss all items together.
9)   Top with a squeeze of fresh lemon (light squeeze) and serve!

Good Eating!!!