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Another Special Out of Town Recipe

Kamehachi means "8 Turtles" in Japanese.
The turtle and the number eight both symbolize
long life and good luck in Japan

1320 Shermer Ave.
Northbrook, Illinois
Also...there are three more Kamehachi Restaurants
...all in Chicago, Illinois

A Chef at Kamehachi

Dragon Roll

The Main item
1)   4 cups Sushi Rice (Vinegar-seasoned Rice)...See recipe below
2)   1 Japanese Cucumber (or 1/2 Western-type Cucumber - peeled, seeded
       and cut into 4-inch strips
3)   1 Avacado - peeled (1/3 thinly sliced for topping, 1/12 for filling)
4)   Small size asparagus stalks - par-boiled, trimmed and cut into sections
5)   2 standard sheets toasted "Nori" Seaweed
6)   1 tsp. toasted White Sesame Seeds
7)   Wasabi Mayonnaise (mixture of wasabi powder and Japanese Mayonaise
       to liquid consistency)

1)   Cut roasted nori sheets in half crosswise.
2)   Cover a bamboo rolling mat with plastic wrap, and on top of it lay the
       1/2 sheet or nori (approx. 4" X 7 1/2").
3)   Moisten hands and spread the sushi rice evenly, pressing gently with
       fingertips, over the 3/4 of the sheet closest to you in a layer about 1/8 to
       1/4 inch thick.
4)   Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
5)   Turn the rice-spread nori sheet over, on top of the bamboo mat, with the
       nori facing up.
6)   Arrange the julienne strips of cucumber, asparagus stalks, and avocado
       in the center.
7)   Make sure the distribution is even, so that the roll will not be lumpy.
8)   Roll the ingredients in the bamboo mat to make a firmly packed cylinder.
       Then remove the plastic wrap.
9)   With another piece of plastic wrap, spread the avocado slices to the same
       width as the nori.
10) Put the first bamboo-pressed roll together on the avocado and roll again
       with the bamboo mat.
11) Use remaining ingredients to make additional rolls. (Rice or filling
       ingredients will be left over).

To Serve:
1)   Cut to 6 or 8 equal-sized pieces, about 1-inch rounds, using a sharp
       knife, wiping clean with a damp cloth between cuts.
2)   Remove plastic wrap and serve with wasabi horseradish and soy sauce
       for dipping.
3)   Garnish with shitake mushrooms, other vegetable or fruits...for dragon
       face decorations for tail and mouth.
4)   Drizzle with wasabi mayonnaise and serve immediately.

For the Sushi Rice
1)   3 1/3 cups Japanese washed Short Grain Rice
       (Run gently under cold water until water runs clear.)
2)   4 cups Water
3)   3-inch square Giant Kelp (Konbu) place on top of rice and
       water and discarded after boiling

1)   Drain rice in colander for about 1 hour.
2)   Put in saucepan with water and kelp and bring to a boil over high heat.
3)   Reduce to medium heat and simmer about 15 minutes, until rice is
       cooked and water has been absorbed.
4)   Turn off heat.  Remove lid and cover top of pan with towel to absorb
       any condensation.  Put back lid and let set for about 20 minutes.
       (Alternately, use an automatic rice cooker.)

For the Sushi Rice Dressing
1)   5 tbs. plus 1 tsp. Rice Vinegar
2)   5 tbs. Sugar
3)   4 tbs. Sea Salt

1)   Dissolve over low heat and cool to room temperature.
2)   Do not allow to boil as this destroys the bouquet.
3)   Transfer freshly cooked rice to a wooden Japanese rice tub or a wide
       and shallow container.
4)   Toss and mix with hot rice gently, using a rice paddle or flat wooden
       spoon, using slicing motion, and adjusting to taste.
5)   Ideally, rice mixture should be fanned to help cool it while stirring in
6)   The basic rice-to-vinegar ratio is 6:1 or 1 cup of vinegar to every 6 cups
       of uncooked rice.
7)   Keep sushi rice at room temperature, not in refrigerator, until ready to

Cold Appetizers served at the Kamehachi Restaurant

Good Eating!!!