"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

Another Special Out of Town Recipe

Coco Pazzo
1324 West Webster
Chicago, Illinois

Executive Chef Tony Priolo

(This is a Bread Salad from Toscany)

1)   12 Whole Ripe Plum Tomatoes - cut into large cubes
2)   1 Whole Red Bell Pepper - diced
3)   1 Whole Yellow Pepper - diced
4)   2 Stalks Green Onion - sliced thin
5)   1/2 Small Red Onion - sliced thin
6)   1 Large Seedless Cucumber - sliced in half
7)   4 Sprigs Fresh Basil
8)   4 oz. Bread (day old) - diced
9)   2 oz. Red Wine Vinegar
10) 3 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
11) Salt and Pepper
12) 2 oz. Celery Leaves

1)   In a large mixing bowl...add the stale bread and toss with the red wine and
2)   Then add the remaining vegetables and olive oil...plus the salt and pepper and
       the hand-torn fresh basil sprigs.
3)   Adjust the seasoning and let salad stand for about 1 hour before serving.
4)   You can serve the salad at room temperature or lightly chilled.
5)   After you put the salad on a plate...you can put lean meat or fish on top.

Some Vegetables that were used in the Salad

Good Eating!!!