"Recipes from the Chef's Kitchen"

Yet another Special Out of Town Recipe


("Cooking" raw fish by marinating it in lemon juice
is a technique used by people in many
lands especially in Fiji.)

1)   12 oz. of a White Boneless Fish
2)   1 oz. White Onion - cut into small cubes
3)   1 oz. Tomato - cut into small cubes
4)   1 oz. Bell Pepper OR Spring Onion
5)   ½ oz. Chilli (if required)
6)   1 oz. of Coriander
7)   2 Coconuts (or 1 can of Coconut Cream and some dried Coconut
       if fresh Coconuts are unavailable)
8)   1 cup of Lime Juice
9)   pinch of Salt
10) pinch of Pepper
11) 1 cup of Water

1)   Cut fish into small cubes then marinate in lime juice for 1 hour.
2)   Dice into small pieces the onion, tomatos, bell pepper
       (or spring onions), chilli and coriander.
3)   Drain lime juice from the fish and rinse in cold water.
4)   Mix together the vegetables and fish.
5)   Squeeze together grated coconut ‘flesh’ (from 2 coconuts) with one
       cup of water. Drain the coconut milk from the coconuts into a jug
       and add salt and pepper to taste (Spice it up with a dash of tabasco
       or chillies if you wish).
6)   Place marinated fish and the vegetables together in a mixing bowl.
       Add the coconut cream and mix evenly. Best left for another hour
       or so to ‘ripen’.  Keeps for 2 – 3 days when refrigerated.

Good Eating!!!