Fall Newsletter - 2014

Lindsey in the New Studio Kitchen


This has been an exciting year with food and cooking.  There are so many new foods in the market and great ways to prepare them.  Farmers markets are a very popular place to purchase some of them. Some of the farmers markets are open all year around.

A new interest in healthy cooking is now here for everyone to learn about and enjoy their great taste.  Many new talented chefs and great recipes have been on to show with some easy ways to cook healthy.  Kale is one of the more popular vegetables; it can be put into smoothies.  Look for all this and more on my website.

I have been to several cooking events and demos around town this year.  This gave me the pleasure of meeting many new talented chefs who have come to the area.  So keep watching the show this coming year to see it all.
Click HERE to see a video of one of the shows.

Warm Regards,
Lindsey Gustin